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Jeff Fisher Conference Call Quotes

  HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if he has the Colts figured out yet) “No, no.  I can assure you one thing:  the code is impossible to crack.

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HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if he has the Colts figured out yet)

"No, no.  I can assure you one thing:  the code is impossible to crack."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on what strikes him about the Colts)

"They don't do a lot, but what they do, they do it very well.  They do it differently than most.  On offense obviously, they do it much differently than most people.  They put it in the hands of the quarterback and there will probably never be one that does it quite like (Peyton Manning) does it.  He's just so good at putting them in the right position all the time."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on the smartness of quarterbacks and what it means)

"It's just that.  It's recognition, it's understanding.  He has a respect for both phases, the run game and the pass game.  He understands where to go and when to do it.  There's nobody in the league better right now at avoiding negative plays, and if they get in a third-and-long, then they're okay with it and they're going to come back with the confidence that they're going to put another drive together.  He does a very, very good job of putting them in the right position, putting them in the right spot, whether it's with options in the pass game or checks in the run game or play action pass, he does a very good job with it."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if he would compare Peyton Manning with anyone as to how he manages and handles a game)

"There was a stretch at Cincinnati with Boomer (Esiason).  Boomer caught fire and really took the game over on the line of scrimmage, but no one has done it consistently year in and year out like Peyton has done it, week after week after week."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on assessing QB-Vince Young's progression)

"I think Vince obviously took a real big step last week.  We've been seeing those signs on the practice field ever since his arrival.  He's improving step by step and last week was just a great effort for him.  It came at a great time.  And now the question we're all trying to answer is, 'Alright, he had a great effort, now can we put those things (together) from a back-to-back standpoint?  Can he do it again?'  He has the mindset, he's willing, he's dedicated and he's certainly excited about the challenge."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if it is expected that QB-Vince Young will have a low completion percentage)

"I think that's to be expected at this point, where we're at.  It's only going to improve.  He showed that he can complete a lot of balls.  He did that against a good defense last Sunday, and needed to.  But he also showed that he can use his legs.  All of those things will improve over time.  Let's face it, he doesn't have a lot of experience under his belt yet, but it will improve."

HEAD COACH JEFF FISHER (on if playing the Colts close the first game this season was somewh

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