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Jaguars QB-David Garrard Conference Call

  QB-DAVID GARRARD (on this being one of the biggest games he has played in) “Yes, it probably is.  It definitely is one of the biggest I’ve played in.

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QB-DAVID GARRARD (on this being one of the biggest games he has played in)

"Yes, it probably is.  It definitely is one of the biggest I've played in."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on how he has come along into the starting role)

"Well, I feel like I've been as comfortable as possible to this point.  I think the guys are really helping me out at this point.  They've rallied behind me and helped me slide in as easy and comfortable as possible."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on DB-Rashean Mathis)

"He's a tough corner.  He's one of those corners that if you can go somewhere else, you will probably go to another receiver.  He makes great plays on the ball.  He does a good job a knocking it away or getting his hands on it and making an interception."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on what's prepared him for this game)

"I have been in big games before in my football career.  In college we did face Miami when they were in the Top 10 and we beat them.  I feel like there has been times when I've been in tough games, so I don't feel like this is the only game I've been in that's been a big game.  But this is probably on the biggest stage for myself."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on if this is a statement game)

"It's definitely a must win.  Whenever we're playing, we're playing to win.  Whenever we're facing an opponent, it is always a must win."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on what he brings to the QB position)

"I feel like I bring a quarterback that has the ability to pass as well as run.  Confidence and determination, I think guys can see the fire in my eyes and can see the way that I play, the game, that every play matters.  I'm always going to give it everything I've got when I'm on the field."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on if the Colts being unbeaten adds any motivation)

"The fact that it's a division game I think is motivation enough.  The way that we've played them the last few years, the last few games, there's more motivation and it doesn't hurt to be going up against a team that's undefeated."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on if he anticipates QB-Byron Leftwich coming back this season)

"Really I'm not sure about that.  I'm going to be the quarterback as long as Jack [Del Rio] tells me and I'll keep preparing myself each week for that role." 

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