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Jacksonville Quotes at Colts

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (Opening statement) Sunday, September 13, 2009 “Not the kind of start we wanted in our division.  We talked about coming up here and being a better team and winning today.  We did not get that done.  We need to keep improving as a football team.

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (Opening statement) *Sunday, September 13, 2009 *

"Not the kind of start we wanted in our division.  We talked about coming up here and being a better team and winning today.  We did not get that done.  We need to keep improving as a football team. Some young guys were called on today- it is not a question that those guys were ready, and we expected them to play well. Next week we will have to do that better- go back and get ready for our home opener."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on holding the Colts to 14 points) Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Yes, but it wasn't good enough.  We held them to 14, but it needed to be 10.  It was good enough to give ourselves a chance at the end, but we still didn't execute."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on the 3-4 being the Jaguars new defensive scheme) Sunday, September 13, 2009

"We try to do things with our football team to put our guys in a position to make plays.  That's all."  

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on whether or not the Colts' pass rush being the reason for the Jaguars' trouble in getting the ball to the wide receivers) Sunday, September 13, 2009

"We had some opportunities (that) we did not take advantage of.  We did not make plays. The pass rush was done pretty well.  We gave up a sack as did they.  They had an active rushing attack.  We just did not execute well enough to win."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on Peyton Manning's thirty-five yard touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne.)

"Yes, it was a little bit of a coverage bust…"

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on the defensive play of the second half) Sunday, September 13, 2009

"They [the defense] made plays to give us some chances.  We did not execute.  Our football team, we expected to come up here and execute well enough to win.  We did not do that today."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on having an opportunity to win the game)

"It's very disappointing when you have that opportunity.  You want to go out there and get that victory.  That's why we are out there.  That's why we play the game.  We have got to come through.  We have to play better.  We just have to execute.  They did a good job.  It's tough.  They knew that we were just going to pass the ball every time.  They are just going to pin their ears back and send their top two pass rushers in the league right at you.  It's a tough task for anybody, especially for young players, but I think they did a great job throughout the game.  They are going to get pressure on guys' period.  That's any offensive line.  I thought my offensive line did an outstanding job, especially those two young guys.  First time playing in the league.  Toughest challenge possible for them.  I have a lot of confidence in them moving forward.  We are going to play these guys again.  We will be ready for what they have to offer.  We just have to do better.  At the end, we only needed 25 to 30 yards for (Josh) Scobee, and you would hope to get that."

QB-DAVID GARRARD (on this game reminding him of last years game against the Colts)

"It really was.  I thought, 'Here we go again.'  This is why you play the game.  You want to be in that two minute drive, well you really want to be up a bunch of points and let the game be out of hand, but if its not, you want to be in that situation.  You want the ball in your hands and I wanted to try to get it to my receivers as best I could.  They have some good players over there, and we just have to execute better."

LB-CLINT INGRAM (on having things to build off of from this game) September 13, 2009

"The preseason is over.  We played a division opponent.  We wanted to win the game.  We are 0-1 right now in the season.  We are not happy with this at all.  We have to get back in and take care of business."

LB-CLINT INGRAM (on following through with the game plan) September 13, 2009

"If you lose the game then you didn't execute the way you wanted.  We are going to have to look at the tape and see were we went wrong in different areas, offense, defense and special teams.  Right now, it's not my job to point fingers and say who didn't do well.  I would point a finger at myself saying what I did wrong.  Right now, we are just going to have to get back in the lab and get back to work."

OT-EUGENE MONROE (on having an opportunity to win at the end of the game) September 13, 2009

"The game came down to the wire and at the end, we just blew it."

OT-EUGENE MONROE (on the first impression of his performance ) September 13, 2009

"I was just fighting all game.  Going against one of the best players in the league.  Early on he got a sack on me.  I continued to block him and just tried to get better."

CB-DEREK COX (on defense adjustments between first and second halves) September 13, 2009

"Just play calling.  Coaches wanted to put us in a better position to win.  As the game progressed, we kind of got a feeling for the teams and were able to make plays. "

CB-DEREK COX (on playing against Reggie Wayne) September 13, 2009

"I knew I was going to get some balls thrown my way because of who I was guarding.  He is the No. 1 receiver on their team.  Going up against him is definitely an honor and it was a learning experience."

DT-TERRANCE KNIGHTON (on four rookies starting in their first game) September 13, 2009

"I was a little anxious on the first play.  After that we settled down and played football.  You can't make it more than it is, it's just football."

DT-TERRANCE KNIGHTON (on four rookies starting in their first game) September 13, 2009

"We know we could do a good job if we just stayed low and played with a good pad level.  They are a quick offensive line."

DT-TERRANCE KNIGHTON (on holding a team to 14 and not winning) September 13, 2009

"Being a rookie you just concentrate on the defense.  I don't pay attention to what's going on offense.  Maybe we hold them to 7 points and win the game."

CB-SCOTT STARKS (on starting 2 tackles as Rookies) September 13, 2009

"They did well.  We put them in some situations under fire and they handled it well.  That's all we ask for from them."

CB-SCOTT STARKS (on surprises from Colts defense) September 13, 2009

"They did pretty much what we thought they would do.  They made some adjustments at halftime but other than that we played well.  At the end of the day we just have to finish in the red zone."

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