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Jack Del Rio Conference Call Quotes

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on how things are since the last game in September) “Been working, been working at it.  It obviously hasn’t gone the way we had hoped.

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on how things are since the last game in September) * *

"Been working, been working at it.  It obviously hasn't gone the way we had hoped.  Clearly, you see what Indy's been able to do, putting together a run of seven straight is a type of thing, any team that starts the way we both did would like to have it go.  You would like to get hot and run off a few and put yourself in position like they have."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on injuries not being an excuse, but still a factor, right?)

"Well, they are.  I think it's part of life in the NFL.  Depth is going to be tested.  There are injuries throughout the league.  I think the teams that adjust and plug in and carry on the best are the teams that ultimately find themselves playing in the post-season."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on what jumps out at him about RB-Maurice Jones-Drew)

"I guess I would say his love for the game.  I think he has an infectious quality about him.  He really loves to compete, enjoys playing the game of football, has a lot of respect for all the work that goes into it.  He brings it every day.  He's a great teammate.  I think his love for the game is what stands out the most."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on as a former linebacker, appreciating RB-Maurice Jones-Drew's tenacity)

"For an under-sized guy, he does play with a lot of power.  He is thickly built and he does play a little bit of a power game at times, and I think sometimes that catches people off guard."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on if this game means more because it is on national TV, a divisional game, and to show people the Jaguars are better than the record indicates)

"I think you get what you earn in this league.  I think for us, it's an opportunity to play a divisional opponent, to take  a chunk out of them so to speak, to slow them down on their pursuit of what they're trying to do.  We're really left to just play the spoiler role right now.  We're not in it ourselves to be able to participate in the post-season.  We know that, but we do have a collection of guys here that have pride, that are professionals, that have played very hard, and we want to finish the season strong and build toward the future.  So that's what we're left with right now and that's how we're going to approach it."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on the series history and feeling confident about establishing a running game against the Colts)

"There are certain things that we do well and there are certain things that they do well, and it's always a battle to see who can slow down who and who can get going and then ultimately win the game.  I think in the time I've been here, we've battled, I believe we're 4-7 in the 11 games that we've had.  They've all been fairly close.  I think any time you're going up against a high-powered offense, the more you can do to limit their opportunities and their touches, the better it is for your football team.  We've been successful at that at times, and certainly limiting the number of times that Peyton Manning gets his hands on the ball can be a factor."

HEAD COACH JACK DEL RIO (on if Mike Peterson will start this week and if everything is smoothed over from earlier this season)

"Mike will start.  I think really in today's NFL more is really blown up and made out of situations than need be.  I did what I needed to do as a coach.  He's done what he needs to do as a player.  We've moved on from that long ago."

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