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On Wednesday the Indianapolis Colts, along with the Legacy Art Initiative partners, revealed the completed results of the Legacy Art Initiative in Lucas Oil Stadium.


Legacy Art Initiative unveiled at Lucas Oil Stadium
On Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009, The Indianapolis Colts, along with the Legacy Art Initiative partners, revealed the completed results of the Legacy Art Initiative in Lucas Oil Stadium. The results include 64 canvases created by IPS students that will be on permanent display in Lucas Oil Stadium spanning nearly 2/3 of a mile inside of the northwest ramp system.

"This is a particularly special project for the Colts," said Indianapolis Colts Senior Executive Vice President, Pete Ward.

"It's really impressive – an inspiration.  It's an honor to have this artwork in this great stadium."

"It is a demonstration of the tremendous talent we have here in the Indianapolis Public Schools," added Dr. Eugene White, IPS School Superintendent.

The Legacy Art Initiative was designed for IPS students with the goal of helping students leave a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy. The partners hoped the Legacy Art Initiative would encourage students to use their creativity to create opportunities for the future.

"Their art came from the heart," said Indianapolis Colts Senior Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tom Zupancic.

"They were allowed to express themselves and what you see in these hallways in that expression."

The theme of the project was "The Best of Indianapolis." 

"The students in this very open theme became involved in brainstorming," said Pamela Denny-Rohrbach, IPS Director of Art Education, Curriculum, and Instruction.

Students created works featuring the Indianapolis 500, downtown canal, Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture, Indianapolis architectural highlights, and animals at the zoo.  Each school embraced a unique approach to the project ranging from photorealist to abstract.

The Legacy Art Initiative gave students the opportunity to express themselves through art. The passion and creativity used by the students helped them see that the city of Indianapolis is beautiful, unique, and has much to offer. The Legacy Art Initiative benefits the artistic community of Indianapolis by giving the future generation opportunities to embrace art.

All 64 participating IPS schools created these works on canvas.  Students worked in latex, acrylic, and mixed media.  Approximately 10,800 students painted, sketched, and lent conceptual contributions to this project.  The remaining students in each school supported the projects with recognition events for the student artists.

"I'd like to give a special thanks to the students that put in the time to do this," said White.

"They did it because they wanted to demonstrate their ability to do quality work."

Participation in the Legacy Art Initiative has been beneficial for all IPS students involved.

"Our students have been very empowered to excel as young artists through the creation of works of art for the Indianapolis Public Schools' exhibition at the Lucas Oil Stadium," said Denny-Rohrback.

"The public will see the city through the eyes of a child and will sense the quality of wonderment!"

The Legacy Art Initiative has multiple phases which will benefit the arts culture in Indianapolis and create opportunities in the arts for the students of Indianapolis.

"It is a legacy project," added Zupancic.

"This is just the first phase.  We will continue this project and there will be opportunities each and every year."

IPS students benefited from participating in the Legacy Art Initiative in more ways than one. Not only do the participants get to see their art hang in Lucas Oil Stadium for generations to enjoy, but the graduating high school seniors interested in studying art became eligible for a tuition scholarship to The Art Institute of Indianapolis. Each year of the program, The Art Institute of Indianapolis will provide a tuition scholarship for one talented IPS student to attend the school to further their study of the arts.

The Indianapolis Colts host hundreds of events each year that help give back to the Indiana community. The Colts believe that giving back to the community is an important part of any organization, and the Colts make those events high priority. The Legacy Art Initiative is one of many programs the Colts are involved with that aim to help the future of Indianapolis.

"We are very proud to be involved in the arts initiative with IPS students and excited to display their works of art in Lucas Oil Stadium," said Ward.

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