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Check out for all Indiana high school football news, stats, stories, and more.


INDIANAPOLIS- Over the last few years, the Indianapolis Colts have made a significant effort to be involved with high school football throughout the state of Indiana. is designed and supported by the Indianapolis Colts. They have made another addition to this effort by adding a full time writer that will be publishing daily content about the great game of high school football. It is their way of bringing this one of a kind experience to you, the fans. You can access this website daily to find out what is taking place within your community and the high schools surrounding it.

The Indianapolis Colts have made high school football a priority, therefore content revolving around high school football will flood the pages of every day, leading up to and throughout, the Indiana high school football season. Over the next few months, as the high school football season approaches, there will be many series of daily articles on dealing with every aspect of high school football. Be sure to check back daily so that you will not miss any of the action going on in Indiana high school football.

Mike Prior, the Indianapolis Colts' Youth Football Commissioner and former Colts' safety understands the value of high school football, and is a firm believer in Indiana high school football.

"Indiana is a football state; we're trying to make it easy for people to find out information about high school football, which is the beginning level of competitive football. Every year more and more players from Indiana high school football are playing at big time colleges, and even some onto the professional level. is the Colts' initiative to showcase the high school football of the great state of Indiana," says Prior.

Anyone who has ever been to a high school football game knows that there is just something different about high school football. The atmosphere, the excitement, the fans, and even the game itself are all part of the equation that separates high school football from any other form of football. The importance of what happens on the field is made obvious through many different outlets all around the state. wants to showcase what happens on the field on Friday nights, but also what is taking place off the field.

There will be series of articles that showcase individuals that succeed off the field as well as on the gridiron. The area of topics could include: a student that has achieved honors in other sports, an athlete or program that is overly active in their community, an overachieving high school student athlete, a high school football player that has overcame much adversity in their life, or even a community that is rich in high school football tradition. Whatever the story line may be, will be there to cover it.

It all begins with you, the fans. needs more support from the fans of Indiana high school football. The website itself is designed and supported by the Colts, but all the news, photos and statistics will come from the teams themselves. Your team can write its own news. Your team can publish its own photos, scores, and statistics. Your teams' top players will already be on the site, so feel free to add more information about these players and even ones that fly under the radar. We'll give you the tools; all you have to do is log on and write.

Visit today, and join the Indianapolis Colts' effort in making Indiana high school football stand out throughout the state.

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