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Houston Texans Conference Call Quotes


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TEXANS HEAD COACH DOM CAPERS (on where the Texans are right now)

"We've had more go wrong than we have go right.  We're coming off a disappointing performance out in Seattle Sunday night.  The challenge to us is we know that we have the hottest team in football coming in here in the Colts, but more importantly we've got to take care of getting ourselves prepared to go out and play our best football game." 

TEXANS HEAD COACH DOM CAPERS (on what the problems have been for the Texans)

"Well it's been inconsistency in our execution.  We started out with a tough offensive performance the first couple games, and I think we've made some progress in certain areas over the last three or four weeks.  Sunday night we had too many penalties on offense.  We've just kind of shot ourselves in the foot and been too inconsistent to put things together and score many points.  On defense, we faced a real good offense Sunday night and we didn't tackle very well.  If you're in this business long enough, you've been in this situation before.  I've been in it before.  You've got to take what has happened to this point, learn from it and not repeat it and stay focused on what you can do to stay focused and get better every week."

TEXANS HEAD COACH DOM CAPERS (on dealing with job security)

"I never worry about that.  I think when you take a job in this league you know that your job is to go out and win football games.  You take the same approach whether you're winning or losing.  I tell the players this all the time, if you come in and you give it everything that you possibly have and if things don't work out then you look yourself in the mirror and hold your head up high and move on."

TEXANS HEAD COACH DOM CAPERS (on how the pass protection has been and how it has affected David Carr)

"I think the protection was better this last week.  We made some changes in the offensive line to try to help improve the protection.  I think it worked better, so I think we are headed in the right direction.  I think David [Carr] played better.  He made better decisions in the game.  He had like seven or eight throwaways, which when he is feeling pressure or things aren't there, being able to throw the ball away as opposed to taking a sack is important.  He got off to a tough start in Buffalo, but I think since that time he's only thrown one interception.  So I think he's making progress."

TEXANS HEAD COACH DOM CAPERS (on if the pressure impacts David Carr mentally)


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