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Houston Coach Gary Kubiak Conference Call Quotes

  HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on how things are after one game) “Things could be a lot better.  We had a good start and a lousy finish (vs.

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HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on how things are after one game)

"Things could be a lot better.  We had a good start and a lousy finish (vs. Philadelphia).  We have a long, long, way to go as a football team.  We have to get a lot better and we know that.  We have to just continue to work and make improvement as a football team."

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HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on if he approaches DE-Mario Williams and has to tell him to just play, not worry about other draft picks and being the No. 1 overall choice)

"You definitely do that.  That's probably part of your verbiage with the kid on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis.  But it is what it is, too, and you understand that with the nature of that pick or any time you are that type of player in the spotlight, you're going to get a lot of attention.  So, that's something he has to deal with and we have to help him deal with, but the bottom line, we just want him to play football like everybody else.  He's a great kid and he'll be fine.  He's very mature and I see him only getting better through all of it."

HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on a survey of the most underrated aspect of football and his response of time commitment, and how much time he spends with a new team)

"It's very consuming.  I don't think whether you have a new program or an established program, that's just part of our business, that's part of football.  It takes a tremendous amount of time to get your football team productive and competitive.  And if you're there, it takes a tremendous amount of time to stay there.  That's part of what we do.  You understand that going in.  We have our challenges here just like everybody has challenges with their football team.  We have to put in the work and battle and battle until we get it turned around."


"He's a young kid that took advantage of an opportunity through Domanick (Davis') knee situation throughout camp.  He played very well for us and deserved the opportunity to start last week.  He has a long way to go as a player, but he's going to be a fine player.  He's a very sharp player, very ahead of his time so-to-speak, very mature.  Now he has to learn the pro game, the schemes, the cuts he has to make, the week-to-week demands of preparing to play.  But I'm looking forward to watching him grow."

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HEAD COACH GARY KUBIAK (on RB-Wali Lundy fitting into Houston's system)

"He played at Virginia.  They ran a bunch of zone, so that helped him when he came here.  I think some of our pass protection terminology was actually the same thing he's had in the past, so I'm sure that helped him get going with our football team.  Now he has to take some big, big steps.  I know we're asking a lot of him.  That's a big situation to put a young man in, but we're asking that of a bunch of the guys on this team and we're only going to get better if we get out there and let them become part of that and go through those growing pains and find out what it's like week in and week out in this league."

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