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Head Coach Tony Dungy Post-Practice Quotes

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on if you have to change the game plan after playing Jacksonville just three weeks ago ) 10/20/04 “Not a whole lot. I think that’s one mistake or trap you can fall into.

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on if you have to change the game plan after playing Jacksonville just three weeks ago ) 10/20/04

"Not a whole lot. I think that's one mistake or trap you can fall into. 'Hey, we did this well, so they're going to work on it, so we better not do that.' You can second-guess yourself too much. I think you have to do what you do best. I'm sure that's what they're going to do, and the team that executes the best will win it."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on QB-Byron Leftwich in the first game) 10/20/04

"They opened up much more than they had been earlier in the year. They threw a lot of balls, made some things happen and converted a lot of third downs against us. We really let them on the field too much. We were fortunate to stop a couple of fourth-down plays and they missed a field goal in the red zone. We didn't play sharp enough to really do what we wanted to get done, so we have to play a lot better up here."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on if he worries that DB-Bob Sanders will be too excited in his first game) 10/20/04

"He will be, and that's why, if he plays, we can't play him too much. We have to let him get in the flow of things slowly. But that's the natural tendency, for especially young guys, but everybody when they come back and they've been away from it for a little bit, to get over-hyped and do things a little too fast. Hopefully, he'll slow down, but I could see that happening to him on Sunday."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on getting DB-Bob Sanders back with all of the injuries in the secondary) 10/20/04

"It's nice to get all of our guys back, and hopefully, we'll get Nick Harper 100 percent healthy and have our full complement of guys. That's what you always want, but it usually doesn't work out that way. During the course of the year, you have someone nicked up, but that's why you have 53 guys, and so far, our guys have done a great job filling in when they've been called on."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on possibly creating a cushion between them and the Jaguars) 10/20/04

"We could really make it tough on them. They would have to win three more games than us the second-half of the year, if we win this one. That's what we want to do, put them in that position where they're fighting from behind. They had the chance to do it to us down there. We realized how big that was and went down there and got a win. And I'm sure they're thinking the same thing."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY(on what he likes about DB-Joseph Jefferson) 10/20/04

"Joseph is a big guy who can run. He brings a lot of strength and ability out there, and he has hands and makes plays on the ball. So, with size and speed and a guy with ball skills, that really helps you in this style of defense."

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