Head Coach Tony Dungy Post-Practice Quotes

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on today’s change in the practice schedule) Training Camp “We don’t like to change, but we thought it was necessary and it did work out well. We got a lot of rest and I think it was needed.

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on today's change in the practice schedule) Training Camp

"We don't like to change, but we thought it was necessary and it did work out well. We got a lot of rest and I think it was needed. We were much more perky and sharp in practice today, so the guys are already lobbying for this to be the full time schedule."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on if injuries were the reason for canceling morning practice)*Training Camp

"It was a combination of a lot of things. A number of guys didn't practice yesterday and we had the heat where it was yesterday. It was just the right time for it."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on DB-Bob Sanders' development)*Training Camp

"I think most players make their biggest improvement between their first and second year, and Bob has made a tremendous amount of improvement because he really didn't have the benefit of a first year that most rookies have. He's much more comfortable. I think he understands our defenses better. I think he's much sharper than even where he finished off last year."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on if the knowledge and just reacting was missing in last year's defense)*Training Camp

"I think that was missing for a lot of guys and we'll get that. It's something that Marlin (Jackson), Kelvin Hayden and Matt Giordano are working on, too. It will come and the more work they get, the more comfortable they will feel."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on how soon he expects the rookie defensive backs to contribute)*Training Camp

"We obviously expect those guys to play and come in and help us. I think last week was an indication that we will be pleased with the way they do play. It will be interesting. We'd like to get everybody healthy and then see what we have. I think we have the makings of a pretty good defense."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on if the tight end position will be won by one guy or if all players will get equal time)*Training Camp

"Usually one guy steps forward, but we've got some guys that are good players and it's going to be interesting to see who does. I think they are going to battle and push each other, and whoever ends up playing is going to be a good player."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on TE-Ben Utecht )*Training Camp

"Ben is a good football player.He's a tough guy, he plays hard and he's a got a big target area. He catches the ball well and runs well after the catch.And he's a (Minnesota) Gopher. (Both Utecht and Dungy attended the University of Minnesota.) I could go on and on about that."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on if he is worried that other NFL teams will watch the NFL Network's coverage of practice and steal some ideas)*Training Camp

"If I thought that I was smart enough that I had something that other NFL coaches didn't have, I'd be concerned, but I don't think there is anything we do that is so exceptional. I just don't think it's a big deal. I think it's still blocking and tackling and running hard, kicking well and protecting the ball."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on expectations of the defensive line heading into Saturday's preseason matchup against Buffalo)*Training Camp

"We're thin, but I think the guys that get an opportunity to play are going to surprise some people. I'm looking forward to seeing DEs-Justin Brown and Darrell Reid a little more against some of Buffalo's better players and see if they can play as well as we think they can."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on some players playing significant time because of injuries on Saturday night)*Training Camp

"We've got some positions where guys are going to play a lot. We're going to see how they function when they are a little tired and how they function in the fourth quarter. I think it will be a good test."

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