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Head Coach Tony Dungy Conference Call

INDIANAPOLISCOLTS HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY, (on the defense carrying the offense) The first three games, it has been that way. They have been different kinds of games.


(on the defense carrying the offense)

The first three games, it has been that way. They have been different kinds of games. I think it is going to be good for us in the long run to have to win games like this. We are waiting for our offense to get on track and explode. That is for sure.

(on defenses dropping eight in the secondary)

We're seeing quite a bit. We've seen quite a bit of that this preseason and in the first three games. Obviously, Romeo Crennel, he didn't have to copy anything. We just saw a little bit more of that from Baltimore and Jacksonville than we would have anticipated. It is something we will have to adapt to if we get a lot of teams playing us like this. I don't know if that is going to be a trend or what. I think our offense has done a good job of being patient, not forcing things and not turning the ball over. What we haven't done a good job of is finishing our drives in the red zone. If people are going to make us do that, when we get down there, we have got to make sure we score touchdowns.

(on quarterback Peyton Manning getting frustrated)

Knowing these defenses, we saw them on tape and how we were going to have to play. We've moved the ball pretty well for the most part. We just shot ourselves in the foot a little bit in the red zone and on a couple of third and short plays where you don't end up getting the scores that you want. I think we're playing smart. He has done a good job of playing within the system.

(on winning on defense)

I like to win no matter how they come. It is nice when your defense can hold the fort when you have to. It is always great when you can get up on people and get them out of their game plan and force the other team to throw. We'd like to score more points and be way ahead. We're never going to complain about that.

(on why the defense has had more success this year)

I think we're a little bit more physical. I think we know our defense a little bit better. Some of the younger guys that are playing like Bob Sanders, Mike Doss, Cato June, Garry Brackett, those guys know what they're doing a little bit better. Montae Reagor has been in the system a little bit longer. Dwight (Freeney) has been outstanding. When we've gotten in those passing situations, he has done a good job. I think it is a number of people just playing a little bit better.

(on Manning using a lot of hand signals at the line)

We do it to communicate. If it annoys the defense, I guess that would be a plus. The hand signals are built for the noise. We don't have a lot of verbal communication. When we play on the road, it is all done by signals. It is necessary for us. If you're telling me it frustrates the defense that is a bonus.

(on the Titans offense)

I really like what they're doing. I liked what they were doing before with Mike (Heimerdinger). They gave us a lot of problems and moved the ball on us. They do a lot of things. They are using a lot of different personnel groups. They are very sound in what they do. They are featuring Chris Brown really well running the type of running plays that he is good at. What I see them doing is putting them in position to make plays and not putting themselves in risk. They are doing a pretty good job of it so far.

(on Titans running back Chris Brown)

He slashes against us. He has run hard. He has run up through there and broken some tackles in the inside running game in the past. Hopefully we can tackle him a little bit better. He has always come out of the games and they spell him. I think with Travis (Henry) not playing, he is likely to be in there a little bit more. That could be bad news for us. Hopefully we can get him where he is not just getting out to the secondary free and easy.

(on more coaches coming as defensive coordinators than offensive coordinators)

It is probably just cyclical. I think good coaches come on both sides of the ball. I think what you're seeing is a lot of times the defensive coordinator has a little bit more autonomy. People view the offensive coordinator as being under the head coach. People are looking at the defensive side of the ball at Gregg Williams, Romeo Crennel, Marvin Lewis type guys and saying that these guys have run that side of the ball. Maybe they get a little bit more notoriety that way. I don't think it makes a difference. I think the good coaches stand out no matter what side of the ball they are on.

(on former players becoming coaches)

Some guys you'd be surprised, even guys that make a ton of money. Marvin Harrison comes to mind right now, I don't know how much money he makes, but you'd never know it. His lifestyle is coming to work and concentrating on his craft and practicing hard and being ready for the next day. If he wanted to be a coach, he'd be an outstanding guy. It wouldn't surprise me at all. Some of these guys are very good workers. Some of these guys don't get bothered by the hours and the lifestyle and everything. Not everybody can be a coach whether you played in the NFL or not. I know Benny (Thompson) fairly well. Benny was always a guy that put his time in and his craft was important to him. In that way, I am not surprised.

(on watching players to see who would be a good coach)

I think you always, as a head coach, you keep your eyes on the players that really worked at it and understand the game and thought like a coach. We've got several of those guys on our staff. Pete Metzelaars is on our staff and doing a tremendous job right now. I think the intern program that the NFL has established gives you a chance to see some of those guys. We have had several of those guys in our camps the last couple years that have gotten their start in coaching. Also in NFL Europe, guys are getting a chance to go over there and coach. There are some different avenues for those guys to come in and I think it is helpful.

(on Manning and Harrisonand their special connection on the field)**

They had it before I got here. It has been at least longer than four years for sure. Those guys work Monday after the game. We have a light practice and they are working on throws they may have missed from the day before. Normally that is when your second group gets a lot of work but those guys want to take every rep on Monday. They stay afterwards. They are out before the games. They are in meetings looking at things, analyzing how they want to run routes against different coverages. That is what it takes. They have been very blessed that they have spent seven years together.

(on why they are so good together)

You may have a route called but Marvin, because of the way the guy is playing him, is going to run the route a little differently than it is on paper. The guy may be playing an outside technique so he is going to break it off a little earlier or he has got a post, but there is a free safety so he is going to keep the post a little tighter so he doesn't run into the safety. Peyton knows from what he sees of the coverage, the way that Marvin is going to run certain routes. He throws the ball accordingly. Marvin knows when he is covered a certain way, where the ball is likely to come. Inside shoulder, outside shoulder, that type of thing. Throwing the ball to certain spots, Peyton knows where to throw it; Marvin knows where to expect it. A lot of times that can be the difference.

(on the Titans pass rush)

They are actually rushing th

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