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Head Coach Jim Caldwell Quotes

  HEAD COACH_JIM CALDWELL (on –re-establishing being a good road team) “You do (have to re-establish that each year). It is certainly something that is not granted to you.

HEAD COACH_JIM CALDWELL (on –re-establishing being a good road team)

"You do (have to re-establish that each year). It is certainly something that is not granted to you. You have to go out and certainly play well in some very unique and hostile environments, and the big thing is we try and make certain that there are certain things that we think that should be fairly prominent when you do take the field in an opposing stadium. You have to have poise. You have to have great passion, pride and some confidence in what you are doing. That all comes from your preparation during the week."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –if altitude is a mind or body obstacle to overcome)

"It is probably more mind than body. That's at least my experience with it. It takes you about three days to get acclimated before it will have an adverse affect on you. So, we are not out there that long. I also always say the guys that are playing have youth on their side. They can adapt and adjust to a number of different climatic situations."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –Denver's tragedy this week with WR-Kenny McKinley)

"The first thing, obviously, is we certainly felt sad for the young man and his family. There are a couple of guys on this team that knew him well; QB-Tom Brandstater knew him extremely well and Ray Rychleski was coaching at South Carolina when he was there. Both of those guys were certainly well aware of the young man and had nothing but great things to say about him. You could tell by the reports, he is a guy that from in the interviews that has been loved and certainly will be missed as well. There is not a time when something like that occurs that you don't think back to what we went through here (in 2005) or maybe some other personal situation that happened in our lives, losing a loved one. It's tough. It's a difficult time. There is a grieving process that goes along with it. It just depends how long that indeed does last. Obviously, I know they know and understand their team well and will help usher them through it. It's a tough time."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –difficulty for team to stay focused in this period)

"Every team is different, but that's not an easy thing to get through. I am not certain necessarily that you can necessarily get through it that particular week. Probably during their preparation when they are out on the field they probably focus in on what they are doing. During their off time I'm sure they reflect and do some grieving, but when they are out there between the lines I do think that the young men have a unique ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. But, also, overall, we have a way to make this game all-consuming, and obviously it makes all of us think about our perspectives and priorities in life as well. It makes us look at them and reevaluate in the same time."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –a two-back system)

"In terms of that they (Joseph Addai and Donald Brown) were both productive, I don't think there is any question about that and we had a good mix of both. We certainly would love to have that kind of balance each and every week, but every week is a little different. Every week depends on the situation. It depends on how the opponent decides to play the game. So we can't say that week in and week out it is going to be exactly that way. We may strive to have as much balance as we would like to have had in that game, but chances are there maybe a little compromise between the extremes."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –RB's Joe Addai and Donald Brown being an ideal fit)

"Joe is certainly a guy that can do it all really within our system, and really that is one of the things that I think is extremely important. He has to be able to not only run the ball and run it effectively, but he also has to be able to pass protect with a variety of different protections and understand them and understand them well. He has to be a good pass receiver, not just an adequate guy, but also a very good one and a good route runner, good hands, the ability to get loose versus man-to-man coverage and things of that nature. We look for guys that have that well-rounded approach to the game. Donald is that kind of guy as well. Donald can catch the ball and is very smart. He can adjust on the run and he is a good solid pass protector as well. He keeps getting better."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –NFL's mental health monitoring)

"I think that all (physical and mental health monitoring) goes hand in hand. I do think that the people who are working with these individuals on teams across the league have a pretty good grasp for the most part on situations that may arise. There are going to be things that perhaps may slip between the cracks, but between the medical professionals that they see on a consistent basis that they see in the training room, etcetera, coaches and those that are working closely with them, typically have someone that will notice if there is a real problem."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –if teams have a psychologist on staff or is it outsourced)

"I could not tell you if anyone has a psychologist or whatever it might be on staff, but I can tell you a lot of people work with sports psychologists, but then also through the NFL Player Development Series, every single one of our guys talked to mental health professionals and worked through some situations. They try and cover the gamut with them and those are mandatory and ongoing. So I do think that there are some programs put in place to try an address some of those issues."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –Denver's defense and new defensive coordinator Don Martindale)

"They are (doing some things differently). It's a little different wrinkle. Although he was there last year, I think he has added his own personality to what they are going. So we are seeing some little different things than we saw last year from them. But I think that most teams that felt pretty good about where they were. He has a blend of both.  He has a little bit of what we saw last year and he has his own flavor as well."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –having a QB in place and staying in place as it relates to growth of franchise and offense)

"There are so many factors that play into that, with health and things of that nature, but to have a guy that plays consistently well week in and week out, the continuity allows you to grow and develop. It allows your schematics to blossom and become more creative. Typically, you have longevity and you have productivity, those two things have to blend, but you have to be productive in order to have longevity. But that's not just with the quarterback position, that's also at the wide receivers, defensive backs, all across the board. That's one of the unique things about the Denver team that we're playing, (it) has so much experience, a nose man (Jamal Williams) that has been playing for 13 years, a strong safety (Brian Dawkins) that has been playing 15 years, both corners, one 12 years (Champ Bailey) the other nine years (André Goodman), the other safety (Reynaldo Hill) 10 years, their nickel back (Nate Jones) seven years, so across the board there have been some pretty experienced guys that have played within the system, and I think that certainly serves to make you a little bit more heady team."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –chemistry between Peyton Manning and Jeff Saturday)

"I think it's extremely important. I think it's kind of like a pitcher and catcher. Each one of them knows the other's limitations and strengths, but there is a huge trust factor involved in it as well. To see those two guys work together is a work of art. The conversations they have about handling protections and run game issues and things of that nature, they've been around one another for so long I bet without question one can certainly speak for the other that he likes this or doesn't like this, or can guarantee you that he's going to do this when he sees that front. Some of those conversations are pretty interesting. They occur because guys have worked well together for an extended period of time and do a great job at what they do."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –Tim Tebow and Wildcat formation)

"Talented, great leadership abilities, he can and he can certainly throw the ball better than advertised. They haven't made that a huge part of their package right now, but we fully anticipate that that certainly could be the case. You have to prepare or at least talk about everything from week-to-week."

HEAD COACH- JIM CALDWELL (on –the Wildcat being one more thing to prepare for this week)

"There's always something. If it's not two things, it's three."

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