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Head Coach Jim Caldwell Quotes

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (general comments and on the weather) “We obviously had a few adjustments we made this morning. We certainly got the practice in and I thought we practiced extremely well the first day in full pads.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (general comments and on the weather)

"We obviously had a few adjustments we made this morning. We certainly got the practice in and I thought we practiced extremely well the first day in full pads. We had to adjust the order of our practice just to make sure we got the meat of it in. The things that we thought were very important to get, we got those things done and I was pleased with the effort and certainly pleased with the way we looked in practice as well. I'll open it up for any questions."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – having more contact with full pads on)

"Well you always do. Anytime you get those full pads on you get guys flying around and a bit more contact and things of that nature, and that's the objective. That's the progression. We do it with no pads, then shells, then full pads and I thought they adjusted well."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – Day 2 for Jerry Hughes)

"Obviously this is not the first time that we've seen him. We've had a chance to see him all spring and I can tell you he's coming along and making really good progress. He's learning. There's a lot to learn. It's a very difficult position to play and play well, but he's got a couple guys in front of him that will set a good example for him."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – changes for Jerry Hughes in the lineup)

"The thing about it that we mentioned before is that he provides a little more flexibility for us. Primarily because of the fact that now we have three rushers and there could be a scheme where we could possibly put all three of them on the field at the same time. So there is some flexibility there."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – changes in practice schedule due to weather)

"I do anticipate the possibility of some changes this afternoon. If there is thunder and lightning we will end up, obviously, not practicing in the stadium. First of all, we were going to practice in the stadium and planned to do that, but if we don't then we'll have to take it inside. The practice in itself is a special teams practice and it's a practice in which we do a little more concentration period than anything else. It will last about an hour or more."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – Peyton wearing a visor at practice)

"He had a little bit of irritation in his eye and that created a little bit of photosensitivity, so he just put a visor on just to kind of stay ahead of it."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – if Peyton would wear a visor in a game)

"I wouldn't imagine unless he had some difficultly, but I doubt that."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – staying healthy this season)

"Well I think that's the way it is in this league. Obviously health is extremely important, but it's not something you can just go out and practice to try and prevent, play games and try to prevent, it's just sort of the nature of the beast. Hopefully we don't have any setbacks this year."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – Pat Angerer learning new things at such a fast pace)

"He's just got to adjust. We have a system in place where we try to prevent that from occurring. We make sure that we inform them a little bit more than one might think. We have instructional periods that actually start the week after the draft so the guys have an opportunity the week after the draft, obviously it's a rookie mini-camp, then they come back and we have OTAs and then we have mini-camp. Then we have another session during our OTAs that are very concentrated on the implementation of our system and then we also have a rookie workout period. So there are five times they actually hear our defense and go through it five separate occasions. This is the sixth occasion so it has slowed down for a number of them, I think, but nevertheless we try to make certain that we indoctrinate them. The other reason why we do it is because we depend so heavily on a lot of our younger guys. We have our younger guys develop and either add some depth to our squad or play, certainly, a major role."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – the weather)

"The weather's not bad. It's a lot of things. We have the humidity. Yesterday was a pretty hot day and I think that's good for us, then also we practiced a little bit in the rain, wet ball drill and things of that nature. We're going to have to play in the rain at some point in time possibly so I think everything that happens to you during training camp are things you have to adjust to and deal with because you're going to have to play. We can't call a game off because it's raining, so we have to practice in it as well."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – Jacques McClendon)

"McClendon is a guy who's obviously strong and athletic, but also extremely smart. He's a versatile guy so he fits right into our system because of the fact that we have a number of guys who play multiple positions. So he's getting his feet wet at both center, a little bit of guard as well he can play. So I just think that he's our kind of guy."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on –Kevin Thomas and if he is on PUP or IR)

"At this point in time no, but nevertheless he's been signed. He can't practice at this point in time because he's still rehabilitating, and his stats will be made more clear a little bit later."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – Kevin Thomas being on the roster)

"That's correct. Every different time in the year requires different adjustments, so this is one of those."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – leadership in practice)

"Our veterans have been a group, number one, that have been around a long time, but they would never take on the position where they would say, 'Hey, I have it under control. I know everything that's going on; I don't have to work nearly as hard.' That's when you get into some difficulties. Our guys have always been up for the challenge. Every single day they go out to try to improve upon their craft. They're setting an outstanding tone for our young guys because I can stand in the meeting room and say, 'Hey you want to know how to be a pro, how to play a position, how to do things the right way? Watch this particular guy.' Almost in every position we have a guy like that. We are fortunate and blessed in that regard. Obviously you love to have a lot of veterans because that makes a difference in your squad in terms of consistency, and we've been fortunate and that is my desire."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on – whether he wanted to emphasize good leadership coming into the position)

"No, it was here and in place and running 100 miles an hour before I took over."

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