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Head Coach Jim Caldwell

(on if the players were fresh yesterday in practice) “We took the pads off of them yesterday. For the most part, I think practice was pretty sharp and crisp.

(on if the players were fresh yesterday in practice) * *

"We took the pads off of them yesterday. For the most part, I think practice was pretty sharp and crisp. It went well."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on University of Phoenix's retractable roof possibly being open)

"There are no guarantees, in terms of whether it will be opened or closed. They make that decision on game day. We just have to deal with the elements, if that is indeed the case."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if an open roof is an advantage for either team)

"I doubt that they practice in that heat. I think it would be rather difficult to do, but perhaps (they do). You never know. They may take a little different school of thought. Whatever it is, we have to be ready to play in whatever conditions that are present at that time."


"He's doing very well. He's been doing a real good job, just in terms of all the roles we ask him to play, and they are quite numerous. Between special teams, playing his defensive line position and fullback on short-yardage situations, we have him spread pretty thin. But he's a guy that can handle it, and he's been able to measure up."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on expectations of the linebacker position if LB-Gary Brackett and LB-Clint Session can't play Sunday)

"It's kind of day-to-day in both cases. I know they are healing. Clint looks like he is moving around fairly well (Tyjuan) Hagler and (Phillip) Wheeler and (Freddy) Keiaho and (Ramon) Humber, all those guys will fill in, and Jordan Senn. It will be a rotation that we can work them in and out, depending on who is there and not there. Like I said, it's day-to-day, those are all hypothetical situations, and we'll have a better sense of it as we move toward the end of the week."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if Arizona forces the Colts to play more nickel defense)

"It just depends. Oftentimes, they run the ball extremely well, but they throw it well, also. It just depends on the situation, and as our defensive staff takes a look at it, they'll make their adjustments accordingly. You never know what kind of game plan they are going to come out and play us with, so we'll have to adjust accordingly."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on taking a look back at the Miami game and thoughts on the defense)

"It's just taking care of your responsibilities and playing our techniques proper. It's the basic fundamentals. I think, oftentimes, you get carried away with an analysis because it was a particular type of offensive scheme, but if we were where we were supposed to be, and do what we're supposed to do, I think you'd see a little bit different display of defensive play. There are things we can work on and things we can improve upon and things we have to improve upon. Like I said, this is a long season. If we can continue to get better all along the way, obviously, we'll feel pretty good about that, but not with a performance like we had last week. None of us our happy with that."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on having young guys play important roles)

"I think it's a must. I think when you look across the league and every team we play, for the most part, has young guys that are playing for them. That's the thing, they have to be ready to play and ready to play quickly and play well. That's the most important thing. I think that is indeed the case. I think year-in and year-out we've been pretty young. We've played a lot of young players over the years. I'm not certain if we'd had anymore than anyone else, but I'd say we're probably right up there. Our guys have been able to do a good job and continue to improve throughout the year, and we hope that is the case with our young guys that are playing for us now."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on if the team gives the players instructions on what to do to stay fresh)

"They get very detailed instructions. (Strength and Conditioning Coach) Jon Torine and (Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach) Rich Howell, they look at all of those aspects, from a nutritional standpoint, to how much they should hydrate, right down the line, how much rest they should be getting and so forth. It's a pretty detailed instruction that they receive. If they follow it, we've been fairly successful with it. We hope that continues."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on RB-Donald Brown being in at the end of games)

"I think it's been a couple crucial times in a game when he was there, obviously those two situations it was heading right down to the wire. It certainly signifies that we have confidence in him. I think it tells you that he knows what he is doing from a schematic standpoint, that he has no difficulty catching on and catching on quickly to any adjustments we might make, and he is dependable."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on RB-Donald Brown's ability to break tackles)

"He is a very, very strong individual, that has good forward lean and balance and has some explosiveness. He has been able to blast through in a couple of situations and get us a yard or two. I think he and Joseph (Addai) have been doing a good job of that."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on how they'll rotate players into the game)

"It'll probably be about the same as we did in Miami, because we did rotate quite a bit. That was one of the things that we went into the ballgame thinking, we were going to rotate a little more here or there. Also, it's just kind of the way we're built and organized. We have a number of guys that can play, so we shuttle them in and out of there as often as we possibly can, and I don't think this week will be any different in that regard."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on Arizona's defense)

"I think they are equally as tough (to the offense). Their offense gives you a lot of problems, but defensively they can mix it up with the best of them. They are a good, sound unit that has a lot of quality players, you look right down the middle of it, (Darnell) Dockett is a heck of a player, (Calais) Campbell is a heck of a player. Obviously, Adrian Wilson is a guy that is all over the field, he is kind of their bell cow back there. (Karlos) Dansby at the linebacker position is a tough, hard-nosed guy. They present you with a lot of problems. They kind of morph between a 3-4 and sometimes a four-down. They'll do a variety of different coverages and give you different looks. So, we have to be prepared to handle all that they give us, and they are pretty versatile."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on what type of atmosphere he expects on Sunday night)

"They're a team that has been playing extremely well, not only on the road, but at home. I understand that they've sold out there last 36 ballgames, or something of that nature. That kind of shows you what kind of fan support they have and the enthusiasm. I'm certain their players relish the opportunity to play in front of their home fans and play well. They have been playing extremely well. We expect a jacked up environment with a lot of noise, and a real challenge for us."


"He is amazing. He's a guy that understands what he is facing. He knows where to go with the ball. He can get it there on time, quickly. Any weaknesses that you show, or you void a zone, he knows his system well enough and can get the ball out and get into the hands of a couple of guys that know what to do with it. He's uncanny in that regard, and maybe one of the most accurate guys playing the game today, 24-for-26 (last week at Jacksonville) is pretty good. I think he's averaging over 71% (completion percentage) for the year. (He's a) talented guy. He mixes it up. You can see he gets them in and out of protections to handle different problems that he perceives. He takes advantage of situations, and it doesn't take him long to recognize them."

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