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Dwight Freeney Conference Call Quotes

On Mark Sanchez… It’s a little bit of rookie mistakes.

On Mark Sanchez…

It's a little bit of rookie mistakes.  Sometimes you try to do a little bit too much, but what they do a good job of is of late they try to have the running game be the primary focus.  They'll run the ball, run the ball, run the ball and when they have to pass (they) pass.  That's kind of what it is now and I think they're somewhat successful with that.

* *

On the Jets offensive line…

Their offensive line is a very veteran offensive line.  They have a lot of guys who've made the Pro Bowl.  I think four guys made the Pro Bowl before.  D'Brickashaw ( Ferguson) is definitely coming on strong.  I think there are four first-round draft picks on their line too.  They play very well together and open up some pretty big holes.

On the Colts defense…

The defense normally gets overlooked year-in and year-out.  Being in Indianapolis we have Peyton (Manning) and the guys on the offense.  Defensively, we've played great.  Maybe seven or eight of these games that we've won out of the 14 has come down to a defensive stop or defensively holding teams to under 20 points and not giving touchdowns up after turnovers which is not really stated much.  People really don't say much about it, just for the fact that we have a prolific offense.  We're a team to be reckoned with defensively too.

On how important it is to the team to go undefeated…

I think winning is somewhat important.  You don't want to lose a game.  As a competitor, as an athlete, you want to go out every single game and win.  That being said, we're going out there and playing hard every game no matter who is out there.  Maybe the starters may not be out there the whole game, but that's no excuse.  We still have to try to get it done regardless.

On the possibility of resting the starters this week…

A player is a player.  Based on the situation and how you feel physically, that's going to determine how much you play.  It's very important those guys who need rest get that rest and the guys who can play will play.  I'm not going to say there is going to be a difference from person to person.  Some guys may see four or five series and some guys may see three or four quarters.

* *

On if Head Coach Jim Caldwell told his team that he would be resting certain players…

Based on the health of each guy (it) is going to be changed from person to person.  It will change from person to person.  Some guys will see probably a lot more time than other guys.  It all depends on their health.

On how many reps veterans will take…

They're taking it day-by-day here through the week.  Later on in the week, depending on the health, we'll figure out exactly because things can change.  In the beginning of the week, you're really banged up and towards the end of the week you start feeling better and that may change, so I'm sure it's going to be a game time decision on how many reps everybody is going to take.

* *

On D'Brickashaw Ferguson…

He's definitely up-and-coming.  He has a lot of ability.  He's doing well especially in the scheme that they're in.  He does extremely well in the run stuff.  He's coming along very well in the pass stuff.  It's going to be a challenge.

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