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Dwight Freeney and Montae Reagor Quotes

DE-Dwight Freeney (On being back to training camp) Training Camp “I had to cut down the hair a little bit, because I know it’s going to be hot out here.

DE-Dwight Freeney (On being back to training camp) Training Camp

"I had to cut down the hair a little bit, because I know it's going to be hot out here. I'm just excited to be back, back with the guys, getting the season started."

DE-Dwight Freeney (on if he is going to pace himself or jump right in with both feet) Training Camp

"Well, I'm not a real big 'pacing yourself' type of guy. I usually just go out and go full speed. If I can't go, then I can't go, but we'll see what happens. They'll probably pace me a little bit in the beginning and see what happens."

DT-Montae Reagor (on being back to training camp) Training Camp

"It's exciting. It's good to get back…finally get a chance to put on some pads again, meet the guys, see everyone, see what type of team we are going to have. I'm looking forward to it. I think it's going to be an exciting year for us."

DT-Montae Reagor (on how hard it is shifting gears from being off so long then going full steam ahead) Training Camp

"It's not going to take long. I think we put the pads on first thing in the morning, so if you're not ready, you better get ready. So, it's going to be pretty fast. We have to get our mind set right, get adjusted, get our focus and realize we are here to work."

DT-Montae Reagor (on if it is going to be difficult to get ready for the August 6 game vs. Atlanta in Tokyo) Training Camp

"I'm not sure. It all depends on how we prepare. I think we are going to treat it like a normal preseason game. We are just going to go in and work on the fundamentals and try to get better. So, it's not going to be much stress. We just have to relax and have fun at what we do."

DT-Montae Reagor (on young guys in training camp) Training Camp

"The key for anybody, a young guy, is to come in, learn the system and learn the ins and outs of their position. And once they do that they can enable themselves to relax and play."

DT-Montae Reagor (on if he believes the team is looking forward to playing in Tokyo) Training Camp

"I hope so. It would be a great trip for people who never been out of the country, and for myself as well. So, I look forward to it, and I think everyone else will."

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