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Denver Conference Call Quotes

  HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on their 5-1 and flying under media radar) “I think it kind of comes with the territory.  Indy is probably in the same situation we’re in.

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HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on their 5-1 and flying under media radar)

"I think it kind of comes with the territory.  Indy is probably in the same situation we're in.  People aren't satisfied with just going to the playoffs, they're thinking about Super Bowls.  If you're thinking about Super Bowls, you know the only way to get there is having a very wel-balanced offense, defense and special teams.  If you're not doing that, I think there is always going to be that scrutiny that goes with it."

HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on media coverage and criticism of Jake Plummer's overall performance)

"We've in the past scored more points than we've scored this year.  The quarterback is going to take a lot of the blame.  That's just the nature of our profession.  He's tough enough to know you play week by week, and one good game, everybody forgets about it and you go on."

HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on the affect the altitude has on the opponent)

"I really don't know to be honest with you.  I just know that we haven't been the best team at home over the last 32 years, but we've got the best home record.  Back when, anywhere from 20 years ago, our teams weren't probably as consistent as they have been in at least the last decade or so.  We've always had a pretty good home record, so I'm sure altitude had something to do with it.  To what degree I really don't know."

HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on the advantage of the home crowd)

"It's very similar to Indy.  The crowd is so loud.  It's such an advantage to the opposition with snap count.  Obviously, there's a big advantage when you have the offensive linemen block the defensive linemen when you can't hear the snap count.  That's always an advantage to the home team.  I think Indy obviously being in the bubble has a great advantage of being at home, and I think we do too for an outdoors stadium because our fans are quite loud, but not quite as Indy just because of the bubble."

HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on improvement of Jay Cutler)

"I think Jay has a great future.  He's really a class person he has a lot of ability.  You can tell he's a student of the game and loves what he does and he is going to have a great future in the National Football League."

HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on any particular characteristics that set him apart from other prospects)

"I think I like everything about him.  I like his ability.  I like the way he handles himself.  You can tell that football is very important to him.  He has an air of confidence and I've seen that very consistently since he's been here."

HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on previous conversations with Jake (Plummer) prior to drafting (Jay) Cutler)

"I didn't talk to Jake about it.  I've told him that we will always try to get the best players to make this franchise competitive.  Jay was there and we had him ranked as the top guy.  Very seldom do we get an opportunity to get a top guy with where we finished so we took advantage of that opportunity."

HEAD COACH MIKE SHANAHAN (on Peyton Manning's improvement this far into his career) October 25, 20

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