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DeMeco Ryans Conference Call Quotes-Houston

  LB-DeMECO RYANS (on wanting to stay in at the end of the game vs.

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LB-DeMECO RYANS (on wanting to stay in at the end of the game vs. New England and if that is his makeup/attitude)

"Definitely, always.  When you're out competing, I don't care, it's not over until it's over.  I'm a true competitor and I always want to be out there fighting for my team."

LB-DeMECO RYANS (on being a 2nd-round pick and becoming a leader on defense despite DE-Mario Williams being the No. 1 pick and getting the publicity)

"I didn't think much about it because I'm a type of guy, I know that going into anything, you always have to prove yourself over and over again.  Coming in, I wasn't worried about that, knowing that Mario has the spotlight on him.  I knew it would probably be a little tougher for him, seeing that everything he did was so highlighted and escalated, even though it was some of the smallest things he did.  I always knew, no matter what (round) I was taken, whether it be 1st or 2nd, you're always going to have to prove yourself."

LB-DeMECO RYANS (on if he is glad he doesn't have to deal with the scrutiny like DE-Mario Williams)

"Oh, yes.  Sometimes you just get tired of it.  It's cool sometimes, but it can be overdone, everyone talking about you, talking down on you about this and that and never saying anything positive about what you do.  It can get kind of tough."

LB-DeMECO RYANS (on how tough it has been for him losing in his first season after winning so much in college)

"It's tough, because you work so hard throughout the week, throughout training camp.  You put in all of this work in the weight room, in the meeting rooms.  You put in all of that work to go out on Sunday and to get a W.  It's been tough because we've worked so hard and we're not coming up with as many (wins) as we should have."

LB-DeMECO RYANS (on comparing Joseph Addai on tape now and what he saw of him in college)

"He looks a lot quicker to me than what he was in college.  In college, I thought he was a bigger back, and I want to say he was heavier in college.  He was more like a bruising type of running back.  It seems like now he is quicker.  It's sort of like his show.  He's getting the ball and he makes a lot of guys miss."

LB-DeMECO RYANS (on if he has been surprised by Joseph Addai's success)

"Not at all.  I always knew Joe was a great running back.  He had a couple of problems with injuries in college when we faced them, but I always knew he had th

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