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DE-Dwight Freeney Conference Call (Titans)

INDIANAPOLISCOLTS DEFENSIVE END DWIGHT FREENEY, (on the Colts defense getting all the attention instead of the offense) It’s kind of funny out here, actually hearing some buzz about us.


(on the Colts defense getting all the attention instead of the offense)

It's kind of funny out here, actually hearing some buzz about us. Being here for so many years, and before I got here, it was always about the big three on offense, and rightfully so. But, you know, it is good to hear a little about us, and we're playing a lot better.

(on playing well when the offense is not scoring as many points as usual)

I guess it is unfortunate that the offense is not playing well, but now it kind of gives us (the mentality) like, 'ok, well, we're going out there, playing hard, playing how we're supposed to, and it really matters, because we need this.' Rather than a 45-3 game, it's 7-3 or 13-3.

(on the difference this year, in terms of the defense)

I think the fact that we've been playing together. And I think we're more comfortable with the scheme and what Tony (Dungy) is teaching us, and just playing hard every single play. It's kind of just being together a little bit longer.

(on Tony Dungy's preference to win with defense or offense)

I think Tony prefers to win. Even though he is a defensive coach, I guess you could say (he prefers to win on defense). I think however we do it, is the best. But, I think that his mentality is a defensive mentality.

(on him being an underrated player)

I don't know. I am going to leave that up to whoever writes that or responds to that or reads it. I really don't pay too much attention to that. What I do on the field hopefully speaks for itself. If people decide to say he is overrated or underrated, that is up to you guys or whoever else is determining, I guess. But for me, I'm out there with the blinders on, very focused on what I am supposed to do every week.

(on the attention he is drawing from offenses)

I guess it gets more interesting week-to-week. You'll see the shift (block) obviously. That is something that has been there for the last couple years. But, other than that, now I am actually seeing double and triple teams. Last game, I saw multiple triple teams, which you better have someone else running on the other side.

(on playing on different sides)

I am pretty much strictly on the right side.

(on what Corey Simon brings to the defense)

I think, right now, his leadership qualities, and I think even his run presence, being able to plug in those holes and create a big body out there. We're not a real big defensive line. We're more speed oriented. But Corey brings that size to us, and he has some speed.

(on Rocky Calmus and the disappointment of him getting injured)

No, actually we haven't seen Rocky around. Rocky hurt his hamstring, so we haven't been able to talk to Rocky. It's always disappointing when you see a guy go down. You really wish he could be out there, helping us win and stuff like that. But, you know, stuff happens for a reason, and hopefully Rocky can get back and be able to help us out.

(on Peyton Manning's pre-snap adjustments annoying defenses)

No, it has nothing to do with them. It has everything to do with us. Peyton doesn't sit there and take forever and start adjustments to make the defenses frustrated. Actually, what that does is it actually gives them (the defense) more time to rest. I, personally, think that he should get up there and call a play every down with twenty seconds still left on the play clock -- get guys tired. But, that's just me. But, I don't think that he's doing that to annoy the defense. It's all about what we're trying to do.

(on how much adjusting does he do in practice)

He does the same thing. That is when it annoys me. You're just ready to go back out there, you're cold, and you're sitting there seeing him do all those different checks.

(on Manning's antics giving the defense a rest in practice)

Yeah, I guess so. But the thing is, in practice, you're just trying to get practice over with.

(on if the offense is due to start looking like the offense everyone is accustomed to)

Yeah, I definitely hope so. But, at the same time, we're winning games, so whatever it is they're doing, they're not doing it that bad. In three weeks, we've rushed for over 100 yards in each game. I mean, I think that's a pretty good day. But, I guess we have to get in the end zone probably a little bit more, finish off the drives. I think yards wise; we're not doing too bad. But, I guess everyone is so used to 45 points, 35 points, so this is a lot different. But, all that doesn't matter. At the end of the day, it is all about wins and losses.

(on him trying to pick up the offensive guys around the locker room)

No, they're fine. They're fine. We're winning games. That's what matters. Everybody is still very upbeat around here, offensively and defensively. Obviously defensively, but we're winning games, and if it takes us handing off the ball to Edgerrin (James) and having him get 20 plus rushes during the game and throwing check-downs to him all day, I mean that's what it is. We do whatever it takes to win.

(on his relationship with Keith Bulluck)

Yeah, me and Keith are real close. We haven't talked…actually he did call me. I'm trying to hopefully get some tickets out of him, and get some better seats. That's about it though. Keith is Keith. We played together at Syracuse, and he is doing a good job this year.

(on players becoming coaches so soon after their playing days)

The transition is probably real strange. I always told our coaches that I'd never coach a day in my life; just seeing what these guys do is crazy. To me, we complain about the hours that we work; we'll get into work at eight o'clock and get off at about five. And their here from like seven and get off at like eight. Every single day is like that. So, there is not a lot of time for your family or anything like that. I guess it is a big transition, but I guess if you love the game it doesn't matter.

(on Titans RB Chris Brown)

He runs the ball real hard. I understand that we have to really wrap up and tackle this guy. He's not one of those guys that is going to fall on the first touch.

(on Brown being deceptively fast)

He strides, which is very deceptive. Unlike a little small guy, who you know looks fast on film, Chris doesn't look that fast on film, but he always gets there.

(on Titans DE Kyle Vanden Bosch having more sacks than him)

Every year, somebody is going to step up. And I am not surprised by anything. I sure some guys were surprised to see me up there my first year. You know, at the end of the year, you see it kind of filter out anyway. It is really too early. It's only the fourth game of the year. We had another guy on our D-line who was leading the league in sacks with one. It's just one of those things at the beginning of the year. I figure by probably the 10th or 12th game, everything will kind of filter out.

(on last year's match-up early in the season)

I think any time we can win against the Titans, it would be a big thing, just for the fact that there is a rivalry there, (and) them

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