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Day One Mini-Camp

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On starting the seating chart for team meetings) Friday “Actually, I had told them about it early in March when we first got together that there would be one.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On starting the seating chart for team meetings) *Friday *

"Actually, I had told them about it early in March when we first got together that there would be one.  It facilitates knowing who's there.  You can do a real quick headcount without any problems.  We also use it for our special teams."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On what he hopes to get out of mini-camp) Friday

"The interesting thing I think is some are under the impression we are just starting practice.  This is actually going to be our fourth day.  We are looking at it that way even though this is a mandatory mini-camp.  We had three days earlier this week where we had the opportunity to get started in actual on-the-field work in a team setting.  We are continuing that type of work.  This whole process is one in which we wanted to familiarize our players with our system a little bit more, particularly the younger guys in giving them an opportunity to get involved in it and execute it.  We also just wanted to make sure our fundamentals and our techniques are getting honed during this time period as well.  Although we don't have pads on, there are still a lot of things we can get accomplished."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On talking to QB-Peyton Manning and his two plans for the coaching staff given the Mudd-Moore situation) Friday

"The great thing about this league is one thing you better be able to do is adjust.  You have to adjust to so many scenarios and so many different situations on a daily basis.  It requires an open mind and requires a guy that can be somewhat flexible.  I told him nothing more than what I've told you.  I didn't tell him any great secrets or anything contrary to what I told the media.  Having an opportunity to sit down and visit about it helped more than anything else."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On what having a bigger defensive line does to the ends and linebackers) Friday

"There are responsibilities that have to be taken care of.  They (defensive linemen) can't just stand and hold their ground in that particular position.  The gap responsibility sometimes extends quite a ways.  In order the be effective, those guys in the interior have to take care of that space, their gap, which in turn will help alleviate linemen getting up on our linebackers.  If they do get on our linebackers, it requires one of our down guys to make a play.  It may give us a chance to flush a few more plays out to our defensive ends.  It will also give us a chance to mix it up and give Dwight (Freeney) and Robert (Mathis) a chance to do what they do best."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On differences in RB Joseph Addai this year) Friday

"I see the same things that we've always seen from him.  He's diligent in his work habits, determined to get better.  He's working at that right now.  He's working through a bit of a rehab situation but is in fine physical condition.   He's lifting and doing all of the things that's required of him.  I think you are going to see a Joseph Addai in great physical condition."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On K-Adam Vinatieri being ready) Friday

"I fall back to Dr. (Marc) Phillipon's direction.  He said he will be available for the season.  That's what we anticipate.  He did the surgery so we are following his lead in that regard."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On guys who can kick that are in camp) Friday

"We have two young guys that have done it all in terms of kicking off, place kicking and punting.  We anticipate looking at our options at some point and time and moving on from there."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On finding a holder) Friday

"Not yet.  We are working on that constantly.  That's part of this process.  We are working on that aspect of it.  We're working on developing a punter.  That's paramount and very important for us.  Those issues are yet to be determined."

* *

* *

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On having the punter as the holder) Friday

"Often times that's the best case scenario.  Otherwise, you have to go to another position, a quarterback, receiver or someone else with the hands to get it done.  That's a great scenario because it allows them to work at times when everybody else may be involved in a different phase of practice."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On what he expects to see from OT-Tony Ugoh) Friday

"He's a very talented guy.  He's big and physical.  He has outstanding athleticism.  He was a bit inconsistent last year from time to time.  I think that's part of maturing in this league.  I think you'll see that he's going to progress and come along and certainly play at a more consistently high level."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (On who may call the plays if Tom Moore returns) Friday

"That's yet to be determined.  One of the things I want to try and stay away from is not dealing with the here and now.  I tend not to want to tread in that water at this moment.  We'll handle that a little bit later on."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on where his seat is on the seating chart)

 "I don't have a problem with that. I'm right there next to (Quarterbacks coach) Frank Reich and Jim Sorgi and the other quarterbacks. Like I said earlier, anytime you have a new head coach there are going to be certain changes. This is my third NFL head coach, and I've always believed that you buy into the system. As a leader, a veteran player, he's putting a lot of trust in the veteran players, like Reggie ( Wayne), Jeff Saturday, Gary Brackett, Dwight Freeney and myself. I have no problem with it."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on Reggie Wayne)

"That's always been the question, 'Is Reggie a No. 1 receiver?' Really, for the past however many years, I feel like we've had two No. 1 receivers. Reggie has established himself. I've always thought Reggie, in his comments, always gave the proper respect that Marvin (Harrison) deserved. Marvin was the guy around here, and I think Marvin always appreciated that Reggie was saying the right thing. At the same time, if you asked any cornerback, Reggie had truly established himself as a No. 1 receiver. As a quarterback, boy, what a great luxury to have two No. 1 receivers. I think his role as a leader will expand now as he helps Austin Collie, (Anthony) Gonzalez, Pierre (Garcon), helps these guys develop. There is a huge void there losing Marvin Harrison, and there's an open starting position. There is a receiver spot to be filled. It could be by committee but there are a bunch of guys going after that. I think Reggie will help those guys come along so that we can keep our receivers playing at a high level."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the three wide receivers competing for the third spot)

"I've been throwing with them a lot during this offseason. I try to take them all individually and work with them one-on-one. Sometimes, I think you get out there in a big group session and you throw one route to Pierre and one route to Austin you get pretty good at a bunch of them instead of trying to master all of the routes. We do these private sessions in the morning. We started it a couple of years ago. I think it really does make a difference. I get really comfortable with the timing on all of them. Pierre can really run. He's made big strides since last year. He's made some tough catches so far in the OTAs. (Austin) Collie is a guy, it's still early, and you're kind of evaluating him and getting a feel for him, but you can tell he knows how to catch the ball. He's caught so many balls in practice. You have Roy Hall whose competing in there, Sam Giguere who's injured right now who was making some strides. It's going to be good, healthy competition. I think Taj (Smith) is in there. Competition will be a good thing all the way leading up to the first game of the regular season."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on Reggie Wayne saying he's in the best shape since his early 20s)

"Reggie has just been here since Wednesday. He's what I always expect him to be. Sure, would I like him to be here everyday in the offseason program? Of course we would, all of the team would. But until he comes back and doesn't catch 15 touchdowns and 1,200 yards, you're not going to see any complaints from me. I do know that Reggie Wayne is working hard down there in Miami. He has a great work ethic. I'm glad to hear that he said he's in good shape. He looked good Wednesday in practice. I know he'll look good in mini-camp. Reggie is one of those reliable veterans that you're always going to know what to expect from him, you can always count on him. His durability is something I think his been underrated. He has been there for all 16 games, and you can count on him to be there on Sunday in the fourth quarter on the critical third-and-five that you have to convert. It's just nice having a guy that can be accountable like that. Hopefully, these young receivers will follow that lead. Reggie learned that from Marvin (Harrison). Marvin was always there, every single Sunday, every single day of practice. I think Reggie had a good teacher and now these young guys can learn from Reggie."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on why the running game didn't work last year)

"It's hard for me to say. There are different things you can analyze, but I think that's what our offense is based upon, being a balanced team. We feel we're at our best when we can run the ball, drop back and pass and run our play-action all on first down and second down where the defense doesn't know quite what to expect. If you're not doing well in one category it does make you one-dimensional. That's what we're working on. We're analyzing some things, maybe tweaking some things and hopefully, we can be better in all those phases, the running game, the passing game, the drop-back and the play-action."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on reestablishing the stretch play)

"I think that's sort of been the catch phrase for the Colts, the stretch play, but really, we don't have a lot of running plays, but we run the inside running play probably just as much as the stretch play and the inside zone play has probably been as good for us in years past. It's hard to just say that play. The entire coaching staff wants to improve on all of the running plays. Even though we don't run that many of them, and we don't use a fullback very often, but the running plays we do have the whole team wants to do those better."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on Tony Ugoh's durability and toughness)

"I certainly could not question that. Tony got thrown into the fire early as a rookie. He got drafted to learn for a year and the next thing you know he's playing right away. And besides quarterback, I'm a little biased, I think left tackle might be the second-toughest job to play as a rookie, just getting used to the speed, and it never does a lot for your confidence having to block Dwight Freeney every day in practice. That can be tough on a man's psyche. Tony is a great athlete, he's strong, he has good feet. He's worked hard in this offseason. Hopefully, we can keep him healthy. Obviously, he's important playing that left tackle spot, and we'll need him to have a big year this year. From what I've seen in this offseason his work ethic has hopefully taken him in the right direction."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on his leadership role with all the changes)

"I still think as a quarterback your No. 1 job is to be the best quarterback you can be. That is certainly what I have focused on this offseason, to do my job at a high level. The things I've really focused on is getting my timing down with those new receivers. That's really been my focus, trying to get my timing with Pierre Garcon somewhat close to what I had with Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne. Now can we do that in one year? No, but that's my goal. Obviously, there have been some changes. There continue to be some changes. There still is somewhat of the unknown with Tom Moore and Howard Mudd and this pension situation is still somewhat to be determined. All we can focus on is what is going on right now and that's the hard work that we're doing right now. The players are working hard. The coaches are coaching us hard. We had three really good days to start the week and this mini-camp will be a continuation of that. My job is to be the best quarterback that I can be. That has always been somewhat of a natural leadership position, playing quarterback, but that's really all I know how to do is be a good quarterback."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if he has had a bigger role with all of the changes)

 "It's still in the early stages. Last Monday was the first time being out there with Clyde Christensen calling the plays to me on the sideline and seeing Pete Metzelaars coach the offensive line. You make adjustments along the way. There is no question that we've had great stability around here for a long time. It's something that you never take for granted having the same line coach, the same coordinator and the same players. I think all of those go hand-in-hand. I think if the coordinator is calling good plays, the quarterback should be playing well, if the quarterback makes good throws, it makes the coordinator look like he's calling good plays. I think Tom (Moore) and I have had that great mesh and we've worked well together. Change is a part of it and we've dealt with changes and challenges in the past, and that's something that we're prepared to deal with now. We're going to approach it with a good attitude and try to make the best out of the situation. As far if, 'Do I feel like I'm playing a different role out there?' In the practices we've had so far I really don't. I'm just trying to play a good quarterback and focusing most of my time on getting with those new receivers and new running back Donald Brown. Every little thing you can talk about with him is going to help your timing."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if he expects to function the same way with Clyde Christensen as he did with Tom Moore)

"You certainly hope so. You can 'what if' yourself to death. There's got to be a change. The only thing I've ever known is Tom calling the plays into me for 11 years. I've never missed a start, and Tom's never missed a game. You certainly knew there was going to be a time when that would change. You just didn't know it would be in the middle of the offseason. In my talks with (Colts President) Bill Polian and (Head) Coach Caldwell it sounds like that is still to somewhat to be determined what their potential role may be. But I know they'll handle it and we'll be in good shape. Clyde, and Tom would be the first to admit to this, has been very instrumental in our offense the past number of years. He really works on our red-zone package and our third-down package, which most coaches would tell you are the two most important scenarios, the ability to stay on the field and the ability to score. Clyde has been very instrumental in game-planning and helping Tom with what plays to call. It's been a good relationship with he and I so far."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on what's made him feel better about the transition)

"Now we're on the field. We're working. That's what this time is about being on the field and getting better. I have talked with (Colts President) Bill Polian and (Head) Coach Caldwell and feel that I have good grasp of what is ahead, on what we know right now as far as who is here. There is still some unknown on Tom (Moore) and Howard (Mudd). We've dealt with changes in the past. I know that we've won a lot of games around here, and I feel that we do know how to win games, so no matter how it all plays out, I feel that we'll be in a good situation. Coach Caldwell will handle it and make the changes accordingly and all I can do is focus on my job to be the best quarterback I can be. The work we've done this week, and the work I expect to get done this weekend with mini-camp, really got me feeling good about things."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the NFL not seeming to have an answer on the coaches' pension issue)

"Those are all questions (Colts President) Bill (Polian) is more well versed to explain. I talked to Tom (Moore) and Howard (Mudd) about it during the process and they prepared me for what could possibly happen. I do know that (Head Coach) Jim Caldwell has a plan, as he told me an either or scenario, and that plan sounds good to me. I'll be there to support it in whatever direction it goes."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on being able to get the play calls quickly from Tom Moore)

"That's just something that Tom liked to do. He told me early on that he wasn't the kind of guy to give me a pep talk over the headset before the play. He said, 'I'm kind of a man of few words. I'm going to give you the play right away and give you time to digest it.' Which is sort of what I've become accustomed to. I know some coaches will say, 'Hey, be smart with the ball' or I remember one time my rookie year Tom said, 'Hey, look for the deep guy this time,' and sure enough I looked for the deep guy and I threw it no matter what, and it was an interception. So we kind of learned our lesson from that standpoint. You have to be careful telling the guy who to throw to. So, Tom gives me the play early which does give us more time at the line to see things and make some calls off of that. It's what I've gotten used to, it's what I think he prefers to do, and it seemed to work pretty well for us."

QB-PEYTON MANNING(on if the player's union has asked him to get more involved)

"No, they haven't. Jeff Saturday is our union representative. I know he is on the commissioner's resource council. Jeff is very involved. I think Jeff does a great job as our union rep of talking to the players. He just doesn't go and speak for what he thinks. He talks to me and Dwight (Freeney) and Reggie (Wayne), 'Hey, what do you guys think about these issues?' and sort of takes our collective opinion back to the union meetings. Jeff is the perfect guy for our team and anytime he asks me my opinion I give it to him. Jeff has really done a great job in that role."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on him telling his teammates that he is in the best shape since his early 20s)

 "Yes, I've been grinding. I've been getting it. I'm down at the University of Miami. Normally, it's 5:30 every morning, but I've moved it a little further, so now it's 6:30 every morning. I've just been getting it, preparing myself for the upcoming season. I know there is going to be a lot expected of me, and I'm just ready to go out there and produce."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on having a different approach with WR-Marvin Harrison not being here)

"I'm going to approach it the same, nothing is going to change on my end. The only thing (is) I have to make sure I'm ready. Healthy and ready. I'm definitely that right now. I know they're (the defense) going to be keying on me and that's what it's all about. That's when I hope my teammates can help me out a little bit. That's kind of how it is, we feed off of each other. I think over my years with Marvin that's how it happened. We need to rely on each other. It's going to be exciting. I'm pumped up about it."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on if it will be strange not having WR-Marvin Harrison lined up as the other wide receiver)

"It will be, but my last couple of years we (lined up) left, right, a little bit, kind of (lined up) a little bit of everywhere. Hopefully, I can get a little bit more of that. I've been enjoying that a little bit. It's going to be strange. Anthony (Gonzalez), from what I understand, he's been doing real good this offseason and he's ready. I'm expecting big things out of him also."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on the new coaching changes)

"So far, so good. Coach Clyde (Christensen) he's now the offensive coordinator. Me being a receiver, he was my receiver coach, so that's got to be a plus for me somewhere in there. Coach Pete Metzelaars has been around. They are both great coaches. They've been around the system for a long time. I'm expecting them to come in and do the things we've been doing, that's being productive and calling some good plays and getting us in the right situations. So far, so good."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on what the atmosphere is like with all of the new coaches and no WR-Marvin Harrison)

"For the most part it's been pretty much the same. The only difference is with the schedule. We have a slightly different schedule. I walked in this morning for the team meeting and realized we had assigned seats. That kind of bugged me a little bit. I'm sitting up there in the front row. That's kind of tough for me to swallow right now. But more the most part everything has been pretty cool. Obviously, when I'm at my locker there is nobody to the right of me, Marvin's not there. Other than that everything has been the same. Everything has been pretty smooth. I practiced with them a couple of days ago. The practice tempo was great, everybody was flying around and excited. Everybody seems like they are ready to go and thrilled to be here."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on if he's a back row guy in the meeting rooms)

"I'm not a back row guy. I'm in the middle, but I'm always on the end. I've been sitting in the same seat for about seven-and-a-half years. Now I go from the middle on the end to the front and in the middle. I can pretty much run the film if I want too. The machine is right there along side of me. So, I can press the button for him."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on what he thinks the point is for having assigned seats in the meeting room)

"No, who am I to question that? I can walk in with my eyebrows arched high, trying to figure out what is going on. But, at the same time, he (Head Coach Jim Caldwell) has his theory, he wants to come in and put his own stamp on things, wants to change some things around. You have to understand that and respect that. I can do one of two things, accept it or respect it. One of the two. I have to see which one it is."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on if there is a seating chart or how does he know where to sit)

"It's a chart. They have some charts all around the building letting you know where your seat is. From what I understand he checks it. I've heard that he's called a couple of guys out and told them they need to scoot over one. I'm just trying not to be that guy. I'm sitting in the front and I guess I'm one of those kids in class who needs to sit in the front."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on the competition for the third wide receiver position)

"Whenever you have the opportunity to play and they're busting in on you and everybody is pretty much on the bubble, that ought to push you, it ought to make you want to go out there and produce and be better. Those three guys they are going to compete. The one practice I've seen all three were practicing pretty hard. That's pretty good. I'm confident in all three of them actually. I don't know much about (Austin) Collie yet, but to be determined. I'm sure they drafted him for a reason. He's capable of doing something for sure. I do know Pierre Garcon and Roy Hall. Those guys are competing tough and hard. I've been talking to them both all offseason. We've got something in store for you. You are going to see. As a receiving corps I think we are going to surprise a lot of people."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on what WR-Pierre Garcon and WR-Roy Hall ask him)

"They both said they are going to be riding me all year and need some input, which I have no problem with. Pierre called and told me 'I need you to tell me what I need to work on and what I need to do.' I have no problem with that. I'll help you with that all day long. Roy Hall pretty much said the same thing. He said 'I look up to you. I'm going to be on you. I need you to help me out.' I don't have any problem with that. Whenever you have guys coming in and they want to work and they want to compete and they want to help make the team better, you take your hats off to them. Especially, when I feel like, I'm in the situation now that I am the Marv (13-year Colt Marvin Harrison), guys are going to be keying on me all the time now. I'm going to need one of the young guys to step up and help me. Whenever you have guys hungry to get better you have to love that. I'm expecting them to go out and compete and have some good things. Knock-on-wood they all stay healthy and are up for the challenge."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on if former WR-Marvin Harrison helped him when he was a young wide receiver)

"Marvin did do that for me. He did it a little different. He wasn't as vocal, as we all know, but whenever you go up to Marvin and asked him he would tell you. He may tell somebody else and that other person may come and tell me. However you got the information you just needed to take it and use it to your advantage. That's how it is, it's a ladder, it goes down. Someday my time here is going to be done and it's going to be (Anthony) Gonzalez's time to do the same thing. It's just a ladder, and it's just going to continue to go down and down to the next person."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on where he thinks he is in his career)

"There's plenty more. I just told you I'm in the best shape since I've been in college. I feel like, body wise, that I'm in my early 20s. I feel like I'm 20, 21 years old. I feel pretty good. Mind-wise I know I'm 30 but it's all about how you feel. I feel like I have a lot more that I can do. It's not just about the numbers. It's about being a complete player, helping the younger guys, being a better blocker, whatever it takes. I want to Jerry Rice this thing. I just want to do it. I want to play for as long as I possibly can."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on if he has a favorite story about Head Coach Jim Caldwell)

"I don't have much on Coach Caldwell. I'm going to have to do some research and do some homework. I really can't give you much. He's always just sitting back and chilling. He's not as quiet as (former head coach Tony) Dungy. I have to do some homework. I'll have to get back to you on that. I don't have any dirt."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on if first round draft pick RB-Donald Brown can help out the passing game)

"It's going to help us a lot. We have Peyton Manning and we've put up a lot of passing yards for a lot of years but we're still a running team. I feel like for years, maybe not the last couple of years when the running game wasn't what it should be, the passing game feeds off of our play-action. Whenever we run the ball, that's when we put up a lot of yards passing the ball. We get those defenses to respect our run game and that's always going to help the pass. Take for example, last year the run game wasn't where it should be. It was tough on the passing game. Every time Peyton went back to pass, every time we went out for a route we got a coverage like it seemed they knew we were going to pass the ball. Whenever we run the ball we're at our best. I'm sure that's been a strength of emphasis so far. We just have to get the run game going, get it back to where it was and I'm the main guy appreciating it. We really need to run the ball because that's going to help us out in the long run."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on if he's talked to former Colts WR-Marvin Harrison and if he's surprised that he hasn't signed anywhere yet )

"I have not talked to Marvin. Actually, I talked to him one time and we didn't talk about football, we talked about boxing. He's a big boxing fan. I pretty much called him and asked him what he thought about the fight. As far as surprised (that Marvin hasn't signed), I don't know. It's a funny league. Right when you think you understand what is going on, you don't understand. I stay away from all of that stuff. I'm sure somewhere in the end if he wants to continue to play he'll end up somewhere. I just wish him the best and hope he gets to finish the way he wants too."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on RB-Donald Brown being selected by the Colts)

"My reaction, it comes down to the team.  You can get mad, you can be happy; regardless, it comes down to the team and when you win games, that really makes you feel good.  I think just another addition to help out the team, you can't really be mad at that." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on his take on RB-Donald Brown so far)

"Lots to learn, smart, asks questions.  I think he's one of those guys that he comes in and he wants to prove himself.  So if you have a guy like that, I think you're going the right way.  Just watching him, right now it's still early.  But it's not a sprint, it's a marathon, so I think he gets that and he understands that, so I think that's good for the team." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on Reggie Wayne talking about being a mentor to the younger receivers and if he is in that role now with the running backs)

"It kind of happened to me my second year because Dom(inic Rhodes) left, so I was still a young guy but I was the oldest out of all of the running backs.  So I think I had to take on that (leadership) role even though back then I really didn't (expect to).  But I find myself when it comes to asking questions I have to explain it and I don't mind doing it." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the ideal and expected workload for the two)

"I really don't know.  It's still early.  You really can't tell.  It's kind of like when me and Dom(inic Rhodes) were splitting time, we really didn't go into the game knowing who was going to get most of the carries, who was going to get this number, whatever.  Really, it's just being ready when you're out there." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if he can put his finger on what didn't click last season in the running game)

"You have people injured here, (there).  Me, myself, I was injured.  I really can't say.  I think this year we're just going back to the basics and understanding what we have to do." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if he can put his finger on what didn't click last season in the running game)

"You really can't say it was one thing.  It was a lot of things.  Like you said, a lot of people were injured here, a lot of people were injured there.  Peyton didn't participate the whole training camp, so there was a lot of stuff that was going on.  I think all in all, we still had a fairly good season.  It never comes down to the running game or the passing game.  It's just, 'How do we finish out at the end?' And having all of that, it tells you what kind of team we have." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the running game improving)

"We have to get it fixed, regardless.  No matter what, there's no pointing fingers.  This is a new year.  We have to fix the problems." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on what he's doing to improve his health)

"I've been taking steps since the last game, so it's really day-by-day right now.  I feel like I'm getting a lot better.  It's a day-by-day process, so I can't really say where I'm at.  The game is not tomorrow, so that's the good thing, but I think each day I'm getting better." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on what he's doing in particular to get healthy)

"Doing a lot of pull exercises, doing a lot of drills.  I come in a little bit earlier than everybody to come get some treatment.  It's pretty much the same kind of rehab everybody else is doing when they have a certain injury.  I tend to spend more time on my leg than I usually do, and I think it's kind of helping me.  But it's kind of the same thing that everybody does." 

* *

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if he had a procedure)

"After the season I got my knee scoped, just got it cleaned out.  It's feeling good right now." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the new seating chart for meetings)

"The crazy thing, we had a coaching change when I was at LSU.  Coach (Les) Miles came in my last year, and he had a seating chart.  It's not a big thing with me.  I don't mind a seating chart because I've been through it.  So it's not a big thing, but Reggie (Wayne), he's all the way in the front. I'm not in the front, so that's a good thing." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on why the running game going to be better)

"We're starting from square one.  When you come back you just watch everything and then come back to the basics.  At the same time, you don't have anywhere to go but up." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the biggest difference between Jim Caldwell and Tony Dungy)

"There's not much of a difference because I sense that Coach Caldwell learned from (Coach) Dungy.  (Coach Caldwell) told us in the first meeting, he's 54 (years old).  He's not going to change.  So he can't stop the way he was brought up and go another direction.  But at the same time he's learned from Coach Dungy, so you see some of that in him." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the stretch play)

"The stretch play, if you're a Colts' fan, that's what you see all of the time.  I don't think that's going to go away.  I think you come back to the basics and you keep on building from that, and that's probably going to build itself up." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the impact of the absence of Tom Moore and Howard Mudd)

"The impact right now, it's still early.  We're just now starting practice, so I really can't say.  Coach Mudd, he was more of a vocal type guy.  He pretty much didn't care who you were, he was going to say what he had to say.  I still don't know if the coaching staff is going to be the way it is now, so you really can't say if there's going to be a big difference." 

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on if Tom Moore and Mudd come back or not)

"Regardless, we still have to do our job.  It's football, and we still have to do our job, no matter if somebody's coming in, somebody's going out.  Each year is a different team, so you still have to do your job." 

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on the reason for the seating chart in team meetings)

"I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm sure (Coach Caldwell) has a reason, so I'm just going to leave it at that.  I'm sure Coach (Caldwell) has a reason for whatever he decides to do.  He hasn't discussed it with us.  I'm not saying he has to, but it is what it is." 

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on new DTs Fili Moala and Terrance Taylor and bringing Ed Johnson back and the new philosophy)

"It's early.  We haven't yet tried this new philosophy up front.  Normally we're smaller, quicker guys.  Those guys have been dominant against the run when they're out there.  I definitely expect from a run standpoint it to be a great change, and it may change the blocking scheme for the offense.  So it may change everything, from the passing game, I don't know if we're going to be doing more subbing, I don't know if we're going to leave them in yet.  It's still early, it's still June, so we have time for that." 

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on if he has gotten bigger or added weight)

"No, no.  I'm going to be the same old me, same old me—fast, quick, get there." 

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on how the new coaching changes)

"It hasn't been as drastic as you would think.  Jim (Caldwell) has been around, he's been here for as long as I've been here, and the same type of guy like Tony (Dungy).  Larry (Coyer) is a different guy.  He's older, has a lot of experience and has a lot of energy, new energy.  Sometimes change is a good thing." 

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on his football camp and giving back)

"That's definitely one thing I love to do.  I think I've been blessed to be put in this position, and for a reason.  It's more than just go out there and buy nice things, it's to give back to the community.  The kids are our future, and it's important that we help them out and teach them the right way to do things.  I didn't have a camp like that when I was growing up so it was very important that I go out there and give that to these kids." 

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on if he feels the division is as tough as ever)

"Definitely.  The division is coming along real tough.  In years past, maybe four or five years ago, we had a lot of separation between Houston and Jacksonville, what have you, but now, every game is a tough game.  I don't know what it is, or why, but everybody's one play away, fourth quarter, it's coming down to the end.  I don't know if it was last year or the year before but we had three playoff teams and one team almost made it, Houston was 8-8.  We had no team under .500 in our division, so it speaks volumes for those guys." 

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on Jim Caldwell)

"I've known Jim for a while.  He recruited me out of high school.  He was the head coach at Wake Forest when I was at Bloomfield High.  He came in to the house and came downstairs and sat down there with my mom and my pops and promised me that if I went to Wake Forest I could play offense and defense.  I always give him a hard time.  Obviously I went to Syracuse and didn't go to Wake Forest, but since he's been here, even as quarterbacks coach and what have you, now he's the head coach so now he has a little bit more say-so.  I'm trying to get at least one offensive play.  And I'm going to talk to Peyton.  One red zone play, that's all I need.  Just one.  One fade route.  I want to catch the ball." 

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on DE-Raheem Brock)

"Raheem is very versatile.  He can do (defensive) tackle, he can play defensive end.  Depending on the situation, I'm sure he'll be moving around like he always has.  He dropped back in coverage last year, close to getting some interceptions.  So who knows, he may come out as a linebacker.  Raheem can play a lot of positions, especially if a guy goes down or what have you, Raheem can definitely fill in that position and give you a lot of depth." 


"Ed, definitely a different attitude, kind of like he's here to stay, one of those situations.  I think sometimes when you have problems or some type of adversity, it may be for the better, because it kind of gets you focused, gets you thinking on the right track and what you need to do and motivates you.  I think Ed's going to do a great job." 

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