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Jim Caldwell said there is nothing easy about being an NFL head coach. Which is why he is not letting things he cannot control bother him.


Colts Coach Not Letting Bumps and Bruises Bother Him

INDIANAPOLIS – Jim Caldwell knew there would be nothing easy about his job. Which is why the Colts head coach is not letting the things he cannot control bother him.

After leading his team through training camp and two preseason games, Caldwell said the biggest obstacle he has faced thus far is keeping his team's minor bumps and bruises in order on a daily basis.

"The challenge is the organization of it all," Caldwell said. "Dealing with different sets of adversity that come along, guys that can practice, can't practice, can play, can't play. Those issues are constant. You have to do quite a bit of juggling along the way, but that's one of the things that I anticipated was going to happen after being in it so long. That's just the way it is."

Injuries are a main concern to every NFL team during the preseason. And when you are a head coach simultaneously dealing with roster cuts, depth charts and game preparation, there is a lot that can be on your mind. But Caldwell chooses not to dwell too much on who is playing and who is on the sidelines.

"You have to look at it a couple of different ways. Either you let (injuries) affect you to the point where you agonize over it, which I don't, or you coach who shows up, which I do."

Much like his predecessor, Tony Dungy, Caldwell believes in the "Next Man Up" theory, the belief that when a player on your team gets injured, the next man up needs to be ready to go. Caldwell said the theory has been a mantra of sorts around the Colts complex for years.

"What you have to do is get the guys out there prepared and ready to play, to do the best job they possibly can," he said.

In addition to dealing with injuries everyday, Caldwell said there are other, less stressful, things he has had to deal with in his daily routine. Mainly, the media.

"Even in college, you didn't see them everyday," Caldwell said with a smile. "That's a little bit different. But that part has become somewhat enjoyable from time-to-time.

"Not every time, but time-to-time."

• Caldwell said there is a chance quarterback Jim Sorgi will play Saturday, but it is an "outside chance." Caldwell said the quarterback looked good on Wednesday, but is trying to hold him out of any workouts that would be particularly taxing. "We just kind of let him go through at his own progression. He took part in some scrimmage plays and things of that nature, pass skeleton, but he did fine," he said.

• The Colts plan to insert some new players on special teams to bolster their return game, Caldwell said. In addition to defensive back T.J. Rushing, Caldwell said he anticipates wide receivers Austin Collie and Taj Smith and safety Jamie Silva may return some kicks and punts on Thursday against the Lions.

• Caldwell also mentioned guard Ryan Lilja will not play Saturday due to a shoulder bruise. "We anticipate he'll be back shortly. We're just being cautious at this point," he said.

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