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Dallas Conference Call Quotes

  HEAD COACH BILL PARCELLS (on Tony Romo and his performance) “It’s been a little less than perfect as I’ve said.  I couldn’t help but be pretty well satisfied with what’s happened.

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HEAD COACH BILL PARCELLS (on Tony Romo and his performance)

"It's been a little less than perfect as I've said.  I couldn't help but be pretty well satisfied with what's happened."

HEAD COACH BILL PARCELLS (on the difficulty of making a QB change)

"It was pretty difficult.  You know I have a long-standing relationship with Drew (Bledsoe), but we hand three games in a row on the road and that was kind of tenuous.  It was difficult, but I felt like we needed to do it.  Hopefully, he (Tony Romo) can continue to improve."

HEAD COACH BILL PARCELLS (on Tony Romo being more mobile and its impact on the offense)

"It has helped us from time to time because he is a little bit more active in the pocket.  I wouldn't call him a scrambler of sorts.  He's not one of those tear around guys.  He's really trying to throw the ball.  It's not like he's a rookie.  He's been here developing.  I think if we put him in two years ago it would have been too soon.  I really erred on the side of caution.  I always liked him, and I'm not telling anybody I told you so, but I did that to follow the course of his development.  Nowadays in this league, a lot of these quarterbacks don't get the opportunity to do it kind of the way we use to do it.  I think that's a big disadvantage for some of them because they get labeled so quickly if things don't go well immediately for them.  I think that can sink a player's confidence.  He wasn't ready in his first and probably not his second year.  At the end of last pre-season I thought that he had a real chance to be pretty good.  This year we gave him 10 quarters out of 16 in pre-season.  I really didn't even bring in a fourth quarterback of sorts to compete with him.  He did a good job and then I felt confident that at some point during the season I was going to need him this year, and I think he has proven to be somewhat ready.  I wouldn't say he's ready, I just say somewhat ready."

HEAD COACH BILL PARCELLS (on Colts pass rush and lack of sacks)

"I had a player once like Dwight (Freeney), and I have never met this kid, but he is a high effort.  What he brings is a dynamic type of attitude to the game.  I had a guy like that and I've see the evolution of what teams will do to not allow this player to disrupt the game.  I saw them to it to (Lawrence) Taylor, put two or three guys out there on him and just say, 'Hey, he's not going to do that.'  A lot of teams are doing something similar to this player.  That's a tribute to the guy because it certainly gives others an opportunity to do well.  He does command a lot of attention.  He's a very high effort, disruptive player.  I haven't coached against him, I don't believe ever, but he's certainly earned my respect just looking at the film."

HEAD COACH BILL PARCELLS (on his preferences of the 3-4)

"I know the defense much better than the four-man line.  I think all teams in the league pretty much have certain aspects of the three-man line and certain aspects of the four in their repertoire.  Here are what I think the key things are, regardless of what it is, I think you have to have a philosophy and I think you've got to know what personnel fits that philosophy.  You've got to try to the

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