Colts vs. Bills Post-Game Quotes

  BuffaloBills vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes   HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) BuffaloBills vs.

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BuffaloBills vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) BuffaloBills vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

"Well as you can see there are no easy games in this league.   Every week is tough.  We found that out today, if you're not on your game it doesn't matter who you play, where you play, you are going to have trouble and today we wanted to get back to fundamentals.  That was our thing all week.  We played hard last week, we played with a lot of energy and effort.  We made big plays but we weren't as sharp as we needed to be and I thought we would be a little bit sharper today. But the fumbles, penalties, things that can hurt you, but what happened was that they had a very good game plan.  It wasn't anything we didn't anticipate.  We thought they would take some chances on special teams.  We practiced those plays.  We thought they would try to shorten the game and run the ball on second and long and third and long.  Our defense did a pretty good job, I thought, after the first drive and then we made some plays when we needed to.  We got a couple of sacks when we needed to.  We had to try at the beginning of the second half to get the lead and then we had to drive at the end to finish the game off.  I wish we could have put it together a little bit better and been more consistent, but games are tough, so we got our ninth win, we know we have to play better next week and we will go to work on that."

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on if they have played their best game of the year yet) BuffaloBills vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

"Our best game, not yet.  That's probably the glass half-full.  We haven't had a 60-minute game where all three units have come out and gotten the job done.  The Houston game we were off to that start but then in the fourth quarter we didn't maintain it.  We got a lot better football that we can play in the second half of the year."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on comparing last year's team to this year) BuffaloBills vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

"I think we are just as talented.  I think our offense in a lot of ways is playing better.  We miss Brandon Stokley and I think our offensive game can still ratchet it up some when he gets back.  Defensively we are not playing as sharp.  Some things we are doing better on special teams and some things we're not doing quite a

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