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Colts-Titans Post-Game Quotes

INDIANAPOLISCOLTS QUOTES  HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (opening statement) We have to give Tennesseea lot of credit. They played hard and they played strong.



(opening statement)

We have to give Tennesseea lot of credit. They played hard and they played strong. Vince Young is obviously a different type of threat and he made some things happen. We really didn't do a good job of getting him down, he was able to scramble and make a lot of big plays on third down. We had a 14-0 lead and knocked the ball out and then our kickoff coverage unit didn't get it, they came back down and scored twice and got it back close at halftime. It was the first time that we lost a two-touchdown lead since I have been here and it doesn't feel very good. We made some fundamental errors and really didn't do the things that we needed to do. Anytime you have that amount of penalties and turnovers and things, it is hard to win. I thought Tennesseedid very well and they took the game from us.

(on his called timeout when Tennesseecame out in punt formation on the last series)

I called the timeout because we were trying to get situated and that's probably my fault we should have had time to just match up and I didn't want to have 12 men on the field and give them five more yards. They made a 60-yard field goal and we take our hats off to them, but we put ourselves in that position where a field goal beats you and it did.

(on whether he actually thought that Tennesseewas going to punt on the last series)

I thought they might have had some type of fake on because it didn't make sense to punt the ball to us. I thought they might try to take one more shot and try to make it but you don't know. Again, we had many opportunities before that to get to the point where we are not losing with a field goal.

(on his team's penalties)

We have to be sharper. You wont win on the road with those types of things. Again, they had over 200 yards rushing and Vince had a majority of them. Still we had some plays that should have been easy plays. We couldn't get Travis Henry or LenDale White wrapped up…those guys are making good runs and we allowed them to get back in it.

(on how effective using a defensive spy on Titans' QB Vince Young was)

We played a lot of zone and basically what he was doing in the second half was waiting on the coverage to droop and taking off and running and we couldn't get him down. We are usually good at running the quarterback down but we couldn't run him down today.

(on his team's missed tackles)

There were some but you have to give them credit. Vince is special and Henry and White ran hard and we couldn't get them down.

(on defending Young)

It's different. You're defending a different offense and he obviously helps them. He's a great player.

(on his feelings about the his team after the loss)

Just disappointed. The games that we have lost have had the same M.O. We had turnovers, we had penalties, we gave up long drives because we aren't real crisp on defense and we had plenty of chances.

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