Colts-Titans Post-Game Quotes


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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on general comments) Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts 12/04/05

"Very proud of our team, obviously coming back and playing like that, a very complete game, a complete win six days after a really emotional, hard-fought game.  I thought the guys did really well.  They had that focus and wanted to win and get ourselves in the playoffs.  We are very excited about that, accomplishing our first goal.  Tennessee, you have to take your hats off to them.  They played hard and play well.  We just had a few critical plays at the right time that we made.  Our defense bent a little today but they got the stops in the red zone.  Offensively we played efficient.  That was the big thing we wanted to do, protect the ball.  We had that one fumble, but other than that we did a good job handling their pressure and overall just played well.  Really, the only negative was our kick-off coverage.  We were kind of feast or famine.  Pacman Jones came out of there a couple of times.  That was probably the only thing to be really critical of.  Doing it this way, winning at home, getting ourselves in the playoffs, we are pretty happy right now."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on running game in second half) Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts 12/04/05

"It was just the way they played us.  We go to the line of scrimmage with the run-pass options, we got a lot of pass-looks in the first half.  They played a little more coverage maybe adjusting to what we did, obviously we are ahead, too, so we wanted to use the clock, so we just went to the runs a little bit more.  It was pretty complete."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on TE-Bryan Fletcher) Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts 12/04/05

"Brian is doing a great job for us.  Sometimes that second tight end gets overlooked in a lot of the coverages that they use.  We have gone to him several times in the last three weeks and he has delivered.  He practices hard, as all our guys do, and he is doing a great.  He was on our practice squad and that's where we first really noticed him.  He was playing Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez and some people that really get a lot of balls in the offense and we saw that he could do a lot of things and catch the football.  (TE Coach) Ricky Thomas has worked with him well in the off-season with his blocking.  He has become a very tenacious guy.  He still is not the biggest guy, but he has been very effective in there and gives us another weapon."



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