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NOVEMBER 28, 2005   PittsburghSteelers vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes   HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) PittsburghSteelers vs.

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PittsburghSteelers vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) PittsburghSteelers vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

"I'm very proud of our guys.  This was a great win for us.  Great atmosphere out there.  Our crowd was fantastic.  They had some people here.  The atmosphere was very electric, much like it's going to be in the playoffs.  We played hard.  We did a lot of good things out there.  And that's an excellent football team we beat.  They don't lose very often.  And they haven't lost very many with their quarterback playing.  For us to play like we did and win the game the way we did, that was special.  The thing I told our team in the locker room is we have to learn to channel our emotion and our energy.  We still have a lot of young guys and we didn't play with a lot of composure out there.  And we're going to get into bigger and bigger games and we're going to have to play with the same intensity, but we can't have all the penalties and the dumb play.  If we can eliminate that, I think we have a chance to be very good.  Obviously, a big hurdle for us, playing another division winner.  Right now, what we've done, we've kind of put the AFC North  in a position where we're ahead of them and the East, we beat their leader.  So now, we've got to work on locking up our division and we still have Jacksonville right behind us.  We have two division games coming up, so we don't have long to celebrate this.  We have to get back on task on Wednesday.  I know Pittsburgh's in the same boat.  They've got a big one against Cincinnati.  We've got to get focused in on that.  So I told our guys they can celebrate tonight, but when they go to bed they have to wake up thinking about Tennessee.  And hopefully, we'll do that. "

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the Colts start) PittsburghSteelers vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

"I think we heard so much about it, going to be a physical game and how physical these guys were.   I think we wanted to prove that we were going to be physical and tough and not back down.  But you have to do it in the right way.  You can't do it with penalties.  You can't do it emotionally.  You have to do it with blocking and tackling and running and catching.  I thought we did that in the second half. But the first half, we hurt ourselves a little bit with some untimely penalties."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on being physical) PittsburghSteelers vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

"I think people are always going to look at us as a finesse team because we do move things around.  We try to run when you're thinking pass. We pass when you're thinking run.  We're a very small

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