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Colts/Seahawks Post Game, Seahawks Quotes, 8/15/03

August 15, 2003 SEATTLE HEAD COACH MIKE HOLMGREN (overall) “I felt last week about the offense as disappointed as I am this week, but I think the positive for us is that our defense is coming together nicely.

August 15, 2003


"I felt last week about the offense as disappointed as I am this week, but I think the positive for us is that our defense is coming together nicely. If they continue to play hard and continue to do those things, that will be a good thing for us. That was one of the things in the off-season we wanted to try to do."


"They're good players, but give the Colts credit. They tackled (QB) Matt (Hasselbeck) and he fumbled the ball and they scored. And that fumblerooskie or whatever it was, they scored a touchdown on that. And (QB Peyton) Manning threw the one bomb, and he's going to do that. And (WR Marvin) Harrison is going to make a play like that. But we can't leave the defense on the field that long for one game. The other thing, I don't' know the numbers, but I think the field position thing is going to be ugly. It seemed like every time we caught a punt it was on the 5 or 10."

SEATTLE HEAD COACH MIKE HOLMGREN (on the rest of the preseason)

"Fortunately, we have a couple weeks left before we tee it up for real and we'll get it."

CB- MARCUS TRUFANT (on Peyton Manning/Marvin Harrison combo)

"Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, and Marvin Harrison is one of the best wide receivers I'll be playing against. I'm going to learn from the experience and try to move on."

CB- MARCUS TRUFANT (on Marvin Harrison)

"He's a fast, very smart wide receiver and has been producing in this league for years. He made some big plays and I'm going to learn from the experience."

CB- MARCUS TRUFANT (on giving up 2nd quarter TD pass)

"It was a great play. Once something like that happens you just have to throw it out the back door. I'm not going to dwell on it."

QB- MATT HASSELBACK (on the opening of the game)

"We didn't start out well, there's no question about that. The unfortunate thing is that it's a preseason game and you're not going to play very much. You can't afford to not start off well."

QB- MATT HASSELBACK (on the opening of the game)

"I feel pretty confident that if the first group would have played the whole game that we would have turned it around and been fine."

QB- MATT HASSELBACK (on Colts DE Dwight Freeney)

"I saw him play when he was in college and I saw him chase down the option from the backside. That's why he was a first round pick. We knew what kind of speed rusher he was coming in to the game."

LB- ANTHONY SIMMONS (on the game)

"It was a tough game, we had a lot of mistakes today and we did not play well enough to win obliviously. Right now it is preseason, so we got about two/three weeks to iron things out to get better."

LB- SIMMONS (on defense)

"We did not get very good field position, we gave up a couple of big plays. We gave up one big play in the passing game and had two-what I consider long runs, even though they weren't over 20 yards, but they were long enough to make an impact."

SS- REGGIE TONGUE (on the game)

"We didn't play on our side of the field a lot, but we are trying to get the kinks out. I think we did ok at times (on defense), but they had a couple good plays on us. We let them out of the box on that long ball. Even though we were on the short end of the field, we have to stop them (Colts). I think we did pretty descent."


"We had a couple guys out today that didn't even make the trip so it gave me the opportunity to show what I could do."

FS-KEN HAMLIN (on training camp)

"Camp is a long haul. Some days are really great and some days are pretty rotten. It's going fine. I'm play good with the opportunity I've been given, and that's all I can ask."


"As a quarterback you have to be able to go out there, make adjustments and match their intensity."

QB-SENECA WALLACE (on reacting to defensive stunts and blitzes)

"We saw that all week and knew they were going to come with it, but we just didn't play well as an offense."

QB-SENECA WALLACE (on getting comfortable with the offense)

"It just takes time, you know. I'm just trying to get in there and make some plays. You've just got to stay poised, but sometimes things just don't go your way."


"It's disappointing to lose the game, but I'm satisfied with the way I played. Hopefully, I can get some more plays and get in there some more. I'm ready to get in there and do whatever they want me to do."

RB-KERRY CARTER (on first pro touchdown)

"It felt really good to get it. I had big Chris (Terry) in front of me, and I was able to just walk right in."

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