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Colts Quotes vs. Seattle

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on opening statement) “All across the board I thought we played well.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on opening statement) * *

"All across the board I thought we played well.  I think they (Seattle Seahawks) had under 60 yards rushing.  Anytime you can do that to a team in this league it bodes well for what you have gotten accomplished.  It is important because it allows us to use our speed rushers and things of that nature when they have to depend on the pass.  So that was important.  We also got off the field on third down to give us an opportunity to score.  Being 4-0 doesn't guarantee anything accept it means we won't go 3-13.  Other than that there are not a whole lot of guarantees in this league.  Every week is tough and it is a long season.  We just finished the first quarter for us so we will take a look at that and see where we are.  We won't talk about it again until after we finish the second quarter.  So we start all over again as if it is 0-0.  Obviously next week is a big challenge for us.  It is a team that was 13-3 last year. I don't care what anybody says and know what the score of their game is today, but they are a talented group.  They are a hard nose group. We need to really get ready and go down there and play well."

* *

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on defensive team performance)

"Each week is different.  But I think anytime you win a tough tight game under very difficult circumstances it is something great for you to build upon.  It was an away game.  It was a little heat and hostile crowd.  I think those things really got us battle tested.  It served well for us.  We didn't perform very well in terms of stopping the run.  Since that time our defense has done a good job for us in terms of taking care of that gap control and running to the football."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on rookie class play)

"A lot of it has to do with a lot of the work that was done in during the off-season.  We did a lot of preparation getting the young guys ready.  The other thing about them is that they have a unique sort of a work ethic were they really work and study.  It is an interesting young group.  They are like gym rats.  They do a good job getting ready with studying and getting prepared.  They have been playing well.  But like I said before, just like anything else, in this league you better keep getting ready and keep getting better every week because at some point in time it will catch up with you.  It bodes well for them having a game like this but the thing is they are still a long ways away.  I think it takes time to mature within this offensive scheme.  They have been making some plays and everything is working well for them.  There are still a lot of things for them to learn.  A lot of things yet to be discovered for them.  But they are the kind of guys that will keep working until they get it."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on last drive before half-time)

"We try to work those situations each and every week.  We try to put ourselves in the toughest possible situation.  Our guys have done a good job adjusting and not panicing at all.  They were playing with a lot of poise and moving the ball down.  With nine seconds left we had another opportunity available to us so we took a shot at it.  You may not try that with a more inexperienced quarterback, but this guy (Peyton Manning) has been around a long time.  He knows how to take care of the ball.  He certainly gave us a great opportunity to do well in that situation."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on Donald Brown's performance)

"He runs with his pads very, very low.  He's got a lot of power.  He can really smell that goal line down there when he gets tight down there.  He's able to find a crack and get in it and he can move the pile.  I think it is his great balance that attributes to that."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the offense today)

"It was good.  We really wanted to get off to a good start that was important.  It is always nice to take the opening drive and go down and score.  I thought our offense and defense just fed off one another from that point on.  Defense held them out of the end zone until the very end of the game.  The offense had some good drives, overcoming some tough situations with some longer downs and distances, some penalties. I thought it was a very critical two minute drive there at the end.  Really, pretty good situational football.  Something we have really worked on this year.  Coach Caldwell putting us in situations in practice.  You get down there with no timeouts, fifteen seconds, then nine seconds. You are calling plays to go at the end zone.  It is either end zone or throwing it away and settling for a field goal.  Two good shots at the end zone.  The first one ( Austin) Collie made a great play.  Great play for the team.  Really happy for him catching his first touchdown.  It is always kind of exciting to be a part of that.  I thought that was really critical getting that last drive before the first half."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the play of the offense since Anthony Gonzalez's injury)

"I still think that injury was significant.  I still think it is as we start to get into our division and play teams that are a little more familiar with us.  I know every game that we have two young receivers in there. There is never a moment in practice or a game where you can kind of relax or breathe and say, 'oh, he will know this.'  When you had two veteran receivers, certainly with Marvin (Harrison) and Reggie (Wayne) and Gonzo, these guys had seen a lot of the looks.  Pierre (Garcon) and Austin (Collie) have not seen a lot of these looks, so every game is a learning experience.  So we are still hoping to get Gonzo back soon and welcome him back and need him back.  But those guys have made nice plays.  They really have.  They have done a good job of being into it in practice.  Austin is a big time film studier.  Pierre has a great work ethic.  He really wants to get better.  I do admire and appreciate that.  Every day is a learning day with these young guys."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the two minute drill efficiency)

"That is one area where our no huddle offense that we run does give us an advantage.  It is not like a total change in tempo or a change in philosophy in the two minute drill.  Even though it is somewhat of a controlled no huddle, we play an up tempo game.  We spend a lot of time with the two minute drill, working on it in training camp we work on it every week in practice.  With a 1:23 with one timeout you really are kind of thinking three (field goal), just because time wise.  You sort of work it, you try to get to the 50 (yard line) we got to the 50 pretty quickly and get out of bounds.  From there you start being a little more aggressive.  I appreciate Coach Caldwell's trust in us in allowing us to go for the end zone.  A lot of times the safe thing is to you kick the field right now and don't risk a sack.  If you get the sack there you are running out of time.  You also can't throw anything in bounds, short of the end zone.  I appreciate the trust in him and I'm glad we were able to come through for him."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on Dwight Freeney playing)

"I thought Dwight Freeney coming back was inspiring.  At least to me it was.  I know how much better I feel when Dwight is playing and I don't play defense.  I got to imagine our guys in the secondary appreciate it.  A great credit on his part.  He was around the clock rehab all week.  Everybody is kind of saying he isn't going to play and I think even some of our medical people didn't think he would play.  That gets me excited when a guy like that has that 'want to' inside of him to get out there and play and be there for the team.  I thought he played great today."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on Edgerrin James)

"I thought about Edgerrin James today.  I don't know if anyone has had an impact as a rookie more than he did back in 1999.  I got a little choked up watching that highlight tape today.  I have never forgotten how great he was.  Truly use the word great, not just good.  You watch some of those runs.  Only three coaches, Tom (Moore) and Gene (Huey) and Howard (Mudd) were here before his injury.  But, boy some of those runs.  I can remember some of those runs.  What a pleasure to watch and hand off to him.  My coaches were always on me about to carry out my fakes, carry out my fakes and I kept saying, 'but I want to watch, I want to hand off and watch #32 run.'  I thought that was a really classy tribute on behalf of our organization.  I knew the fans would react that way to Edgerrin.  I got to believe that meant a lot to him and it was well done."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on getting out to a fast start)

"I think each week it's just about coming out there and trying to get better. You just really try to do what you've been doing in practice. For us, it's just about the Colts, it's not about the opponent. That's how we go about it. We came out fast in the first half and made things happen."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the offense seeming to click right now)

"Everybody is clicking. Reggie (Wayne) is always going to do what he does, but now you have the young guys stepping up. It's always good to have these different types of weapons."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on wearing pink today)

"It's a different look, but it's for a good cause. A lot of people talked about by my shoes because I was the first one to wear them in practice, kind of breaking them in. They all kind of laughed and said they were too pink, it's hot pink. It's a good cause. Don't look at it because it's a pink color, but (realize) what is going on and make people aware of what is happening."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on being impressed with WR-Austin Collie and WR-Pierre Garcon catching on to the offense so quickly)

"I'm happy for them. That's what we're going to need from them. We are going to need them to learn quickly and play as veterans. Those are the cards we've been dealt, those guys need to learn fast, and they've been doing it."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on the offense seeming to click right now)

"We work everyday to be good. We go out there, and we try our best to be perfect. Perfection is our goal. We know if we can go out there and jump on a team our defense will follow, especially our d-line. We've been able to do that the last two games."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on seeing the young guys step up)

"I actually told WR-Austin (Collie) earlier this week that he was going to score a touchdown today. When he caught it, I told him I was a magician. Both he and WR-Pierre (Garcon) work hard everyday. I'm going to need those guys to make good plays, so they take some of the heat off of me. One thing about it, when ever their number is called, they've been able to step up to the plate and hit some home runs."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on playing former teammate RB-Edgerrin James)

"It's Edge. It's a football game, but beyond all of this that's still one of my close friends. I'm just glad to see him doing what he wants to do."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on if he saw the highlight package shown on the jumbotron in honor of RB-Edgerrin James)

"I did. That's the way it should be. I feel like the crowd did exactly what should've been done, a standing ovation. They all cheered. I'm just happy to see him smiling."

WR-AUSTIN COLLIE (on practicing fade routes)

"I would say so. In one-on-ones, it's something that we do quite often depending on who we play and we knew that we were going to be able to get a shot this week at it so yeah, a couple times we've practiced it. Like I said, it was a great throw. A tremendous throw (and) right where it needed to be and I'm just glad he called my number on it."

WR-AUSTIN COLLIE (on the offense clicking)

"I think that has to do a lot with the leadership with Reggie (Wayne) and Peyton (Manning) and Dallas (Clark) and Jeff (Saturday). They're doing a tremendous job of bringing us young guys along and making sure that we know what we're doing and making sure that there's not that big of a drop-off considering the fact that Gonzo (Anthony Gonzalez) has been out with an injury. I think that's just something Pierre (Garcon) and I try to concentrate on, making sure that there's not that big of a drop-off."

* *

* *

* *

WR-AUSTIN COLLIE (on his first touchdown catch)

"Peyton (Manning) saw man coverage from the inside of the slot and he gave me the go-ahead to go ahead and run a fade. It was a great call, it was a great throw (and) it was a great play. To catch a first touchdown pass with the Colts from Peyton Manning against a team like Seattle is awesome."

OL-JEFF SATURDAY (on getting off to a fast start)

"Fast start. (We) got everything kind of rolling quick. That's what we really talked about all week. Start fast, make them play from behind and try to put it on them early and we really did. It was an exciting win against a good team coming out here. (We're) glad to be 4-0."

OL-JEFF SATURDAY (on overall performance of the Colts)

"It's going good. I think our defense has played just phenomenal football giving us the ball time and time again (and) giving us opportunities to make plays. Peyton (Manning) and the receivers, those guys they have played great football, made plays for us, blocked down field (and) just all those things. I think we have a hungry football team right now."

OL-JEFF SATURDAY (on Austin Collie's touchdown catch and everyone stepping up)

"What a great catch (that) he makes at a big time in the game. I think we had nine seconds left or something in the first half and just to make that grab, all the pressure was on it (and) he stood up and made plays. It's like that every time whether it be Donald Brown or Austin or (Pierre) Garcon. Guys are just making plays when time is called on them and they're just showing out."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS (on the play of the defense the last few weeks)

"We just have developed a lot of continuity.  The relationship that the back seven and the front four we all want.  We are working together and its paying off right now."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS (on his performance)

"It is just a tribute to our D (defensive) tackles.  They are coming to play every week in and week out. It is working well for us and it's a domino thing from the ends onto the linebackers onto the back secondary."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS (on if he was surprised Dwight Freeney played)

"No, not at all.  He has been working really hard all week to get on the field.  You see when he gets on the field, you see what happens."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS (on playing defense with having a lead)

"This is how this team is built.  Our offense is very potent.  Once they build a lead, we have a fast defense.  A lot of guys just like to run around.  These are the types of games we love to have.  We like to get at them."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS (on how well this team is playing)

"I think at a high level.  The thing is we just can't get satisfied or complacent.  We have to keep going.  Keep working on doing the little things right."

DE-ROBERT MATHIS (on the defense playing so well with some starters out of the lineup)

"When those guys get back we are going to take it up to another level.  Those guys that are in there just have to hold it down for them."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on being able to play today after some reports had him out two-three weeks)

"I take things day-by-day. We do a great job of rehab(ilitation) here, and the things we do around here. I did a lot of stuff at home by myself. I don't like to set a date, because you set that date, and mentally you're, 'I'm not going to make." Mental is half the battle. By Friday and Saturday, I started feeling better. I came out here, and I already knew my reps were going to be limited. So, I had to make them count. It was fun, though."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on getting a sack)

"Yes, it's always good to reward yourself for getting better."

* *

* *

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on how far along this defense is right now)

"I think we are gelling together very well. Everybody is playing together, the defensive backs, linebackers and the line. We're putting pressure at the right time, coverage at the right time, the play calls at the right times. The offense is clicking. It's going to be tough to beat us, if the offense and special teams play the way they are. When we get points on the board, all of the sudden their (the opponents) game plan starts to shrink, and we start to stop the run, and it shrinks some more. We get it to a one-dimensional game, we do what we do."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on the defense not being full strength)

"It's about 53 guys on the roster. Everybody has to go out there and do their job. The train keeps moving. When we get DB-Bob (Sanders) back, and (DB-Kelvin) Hayden back, we'll just be that much better."


"In the middle of the week it was 50/50. I didn't know. To be honest, I really took it day-by-day. When I woke up in the morning and got out of that bed, I'm going to think 'Let's go, today is the day,' and if's not there then ok, I have some work to do. I took that approach. Everybody here did a great job. I wish my reps weren't limited, but that's ok, I understood. You can't just throw me out there, but I wanted to be out there more. We did a great job today."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on the defense getting five sacks)

"I love this scheme. We are far from being where we need to be, but I definitely think we're taking steps in the right direction. Guys are accountable and doing what they are supposed to do. The coaching staff did a great job of relaying what the game plan is for the week, and guys carried it out to a T. We have some things we do need to clean up, but it's only week four."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on being able to play today after some reports had him out two-three weeks)

"(Seneca) Wallace is a quarterback that you don't know where he is going to be. He likes to make plays with his feet. It was going to be a tough challenge, but we did a great job of knowing where he likes to go and getting after him."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on what it says about him on being able to play today after leaving the last game with injury)

"To be honest with you, I think what really helped me was when I got hurt that one year and I was out for the season. Every game that I'm not out there it was like scratches on a chalkboard. It was just horrible. It's the worst thing for me. Playing on Sundays that's what I love to do. I'm blessed to be out there everyday playing. So, once I feel good enough to play, you never feel 100% at any point in the season, but I felt good enough to go out there and help the team."

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