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Colts Quotes vs. Minnesota

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (Opening statement) “Obviously we certainly didn't perform very well.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (Opening statement) * *

"Obviously we certainly didn't perform very well.  We didn't control the line of scrimmage which is something that you have to do, particularly against a team that runs the ball as well as they do, as consistently as they do.  We had a lot of miscues, missed tackles, penalties, all the things that are going to slow you down  from being a team that puts points on the board.  The things we have to do, we have to get our team back up again and we got a lot of work to do between now and next week.  We play in six days.  So we have another good team coming in here.  So we really have to really buckle down and get back to our basics and really focus in on and get our team where we like to see it.  Get more energy and certainly more effective."

* *

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on weaknesses in the game)

"Well the big thing is that, the weird thing about games because they have an opportunity to kind show you a little different vantage point of where your weaknesses are.  So we're going to work on it, there's no question about that.  It's not like we haven't been working on it.  We certainly will hone in on that and we're going to get better in that area."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (Does winning matter right now?)

"It sure does.  You know I'll stop worrying about winning when they stop keeping score in these games.  Obviously winning is important to us.  It's our objective every time we hit the field and we didn't perform well enough to win tonight."


"Donald did a nice job trying to trap and popped open made sizable gains and did a nice job also.  He showed a little spark in there and we're certainly happy to see that."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on problems tonight)

"Different problems.  We'll take a real good look at it on film.  It wasn't one particular individual and we just had some problems."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on what he can take out of tonight's game when he only played one series)

"It's hard to say. Obviously, there are some things the whole team needs to improve on. When you score three points, that's not good enough. It's hard for me to tell you right now. We need to see the film. I know we'll see a lot of things we need to improve on. Hopefully, we'll see a few positives in there, but there is no question –it's a short week– that we need to improve upon some things this week and get ready to play a lot better on Thursday."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on RB-Donald Brown)

"Like I said, throughout the course of the film you're going to see some things that need to be executed better but there will be some positives. It looked like Brown made a couple good runs there. I thought he had some decent blocking on some of those plays, but he made a couple of guys miss on his own and that was encouraging to see."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on wanting to stay in the game)

"Sure, that's kind of always the way it is in preseason. You always wish you could stay in to improve upon the series before, especially when you don't score or kind of go backwards like we went in that series. (It's) not a real positive or a good taste in your mouth coming off the field after that series and then finding out that you're not going back in. We'll try to keep that sour taste in our mouths during the course of this week and into next week against Philadelphia. Hopefully, we can go out and play better when we're in there next week."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on QB-Curtis Painter)

"I thought Curtis hung in there tough. It's always a tough situation going in there. He's playing for the first time, he's playing with a lot of other guys playing for the first time, some of them in different positions. There's no question we were shuffling some guys in there, some guys playing guard or tackle for the first time. It's never a real comfortable feeling playing in that first preseason game as an NFL player, but I think he'll learn from it. I think the experience of playing as much as he did tonight and probably until Jim (Sorgi) gets back, will serve him well down the road."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on if there is one particular thing he wants to work on or a bunch of small things)

"Well, like I said, anytime we're playing in the preseason, even though you only have a short series, I think you want to get it into the endzone, that's the main thing, and we really didn't. We overcame a 2nd-and-20 and Joe (Addai) had the one good run, that was probably the only positive of our series. We got a first down, (Austin) Collie made a catch, got a first down and then after that it kind of went backwards from there. I think overall, offensively, we just need to work on executing better. It's probably a combination of mental mistakes, some physical errors, and when you do that it's just tough to be really sharp and be solid when it comes to execution."

QB-CURTIS PAINTER (on his play tonight)

"I think if you look at it there were a few things.  While we are out there looking at the pictures there were a few things we could have done better, at least on my end.  A good place to start and to build going into this week of practice and next week."

QB-CURTIS PAINTER (on the drive at the end of the 1st half)

"I think we just really executed that well.  Made some plays, guys made some good catches, got open.  I think really that is why it worked out so well.  We had a good tempo going and I think that was kind of the reason for our success."

QB-CURTIS PAINTER (on being surprised by anything tonight)

"Not really.  I guess it was everything it kind of seemed it would be.  We kept it pretty simple so there weren't too many challenging things as far as from an offensive standpoint.  Get in there, get a rhythm going.  I can't really say too much, no."

QB-CURTIS PAINTER (on his pregame emotions)

"I think I was more excited than nervous.  I didn't really have time to be nervous, I guess.  I had a lot of things I was thinking about.  Going over some notes and things.  I think once you get out there, you get to the game, the nerves get out of the way.  It is definitely exciting to have the opportunity to get some snaps and play a lot of the game.  I think that really helped out and like I said earlier, just a good point to start and build from here."

RB-DONALD BROWN (on his play tonight)

"It was fun.  Good to get out there and play against a different color uniform.  So it was fun."

RB-DONALD BROWN (on not appearing nervous)

"I wouldn't say that.  Once the first play was over, everything started to calm down and that was it."

RB-DONALD BROWN (on his big run)

"The offensive line did a great job blocking and the wide receivers did a phenomenal job blocking downfield so I give them a lot of credit and it made my job a lot easier."

RB-DONALD BROWN (on who has helped him in learning)

"There have been a lot of guys.  Joseph (Addai) has helped me a lot.  Peyton's (Manning) helped me.  Obviously the coaching staff has been great and have helped expedite the learning curve."

RB-DONALD BROWN (on what he takes away from the game)

"You just want to build on it.  You learn from your mistakes and move on.  What happened this week won't matter next week.  So you have to just keep going out there and proving yourself."

* *

WR-AUSTIN COLLIE (on his catches tonight)

"(I'm) just trying to do my job. I think Curtis (Painter) did a great job of putting the ball where it needs to be."

WR-AUSTIN COLLIE (on how it felt to play tonight)

"It was fun. It was a blast. It was a dream come true to be able to run out with the guys and be able to participate with them and words can't describe it."

WR-AUSTIN COLLIE (on what the team needs to work on now)

"We'll figure that out in film session tomorrow and continue to work on throughout camp."

WR-AUSTIN COLLIE (on if he got a sense of what that first team offense can do)

"Like I said, that's what camp is for, that's why we're practicing day-in and day-out. I think we're going to be all right. I think we're going to do well."

* *

OL-RYAN LILJA (on being back on the field) August 14, 2009

 "It was fun for me personally, just getting out there but I wish we didn't give that type of performance."

OL-RYAN LILJA (on the preseason game performance) August 14, 2009

 "I don't (care), we are pretty upset for the rest of the game.  It doesn't matter if its preseason or practice.  Just the fact that we got our quarterback get hit 3 times and taken down, that's not how we play.  Like I said, it doesn't matter if it is preseason, regular season, or playoffs it's not fun.

DT-FILI MOALA (on his thoughts after playing in his first NFL game)

"We're laying the foundation right now. We have something to work off of (now). Basically, go back, analyze the film, see where we need to make adjustments and improve and just go from there."

DT-FILI MOALA (on what his level of excitement was tonight)

"I was really excited. It was (like) the Super Bowl. I was really excited to go out there and play football. I think I got outside of myself, I had to calm down a little bit, refocus and recompose myself and just play the best football I could play."

DT-FILI MOALA (on how he thought he performed tonight)

"There are a lot of positives and a lot of negatives. I feel like I could have done better, but it's something to build off of now. We have something to go back and improve upon."

LB-GARY BRACKETT (on the team playing tonight without last year's starters at the safety position)

"I think, obviously, when you have veteran safeties out there, you just expect more from those guys when they are out there playing. It's something we'll have to continue to get better at."

LB-GARY BRACKETT (on if this is what he expected from the first preseason game)

"I think, ideally, you want to go out there and be more crisp. I think we had good practices leading up to the first game. We didn't execute as much as we like to. I think there were a lot of missed tackles, that's something we could really get better at. If we do that and get off the field in fourth down situations, I think we're in good shape."

LB-GARY BRACKETT (on if he's kept track of the Colts' preseason record the past seasons)

"I know we don't exactly jump out there, but I think when it's all said and done, and it's week one, it is always up to par."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on his feelings about the two series of the defense)

"I guess its growing pains.  I mean it's the first time we all played together out there.  We are missing a lot of the guys we played with in practice.  We have to get back in book again.  A lot of it was missed tackles, and that's not coaching, that's stuff that you know as an individual you have to account for.  If we can take care of those things, we will be OK.  It did feel good to finally hit someone, in the end, they only put up 13 points on us.  That's a lot better than last year."

* *

P-PAT MCAFEE (on his first punt) August 14, 2009

"After the first one, I felt like I got a hold of it a little bit, but I knew I was gonna have to punt again so I just kind OF tried to stay a little chill."

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