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Colts Quotes vs. Denver

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (opening statement) “We got off to a fast start like we wanted to.

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (opening statement) * *

"We got off to a fast start like we wanted to.  Guys came out and played extremely well there early on in the first half.  Obviously it's a real good football team that we're playing.  They were able to certainly stall us quite a bit in that second half.  They did a great job of playing defense.  I'm not certain I've seen a better defensive effort than what our guys put forth today.  They were very, very tough.  Had some key fourth down stops. That was incredible.  Did a great job just in terms of keeping them at bay.  And then at the end when we needed it, had to get that thing in the end zone our offense came up with a 15 play drive.  That was key."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on will he deviate from what Coach Dungy has done down the stretch of the season in the past)

"Right now we are really just going to try to celebrate and enjoy this moment.  I'll get to that business at some point.  We'll talk about it here in the next 24 hours or so and make a determination on how we approach that."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on the players having an input on whether to play down the stretch)

"I think it's important that you listen to everybody.  We'll go and take some kind of a poll but we know where the final decision lies.  We will certainly listen to most of the guys, guys that have  been around here.  So we'll have a conference on it or something."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on the fight in this team)

"It's been a very unusual team.  They are a very close-knit group of guys that understand how to fight in big games.  In particular when things may not be going well for one side of the ball or one phase and the way they stick together, the way they step up and play – you know we had some big

plays.  Tim Jennings had an opportunity to get in there and play some.  We had guys go down and guys pop up and play well.  Sessions (Clint) has certainly been all over the field here the last five or six weeks.  On and on and on there are just so many guys that have done a tremendous job of stepping in and filling the gap for one another."

HEAD COACH JIM CALDWELL (on going for it on fourth down early in game)

"We had them in a situation where we wanted to be aggressive.  It was almost too far to kick a field goal and we certainly didn't want to punt it.  So we kind of made a determination that this is an area where we may want to go for it.  Tom ( Moore) did a nice job with the play call.  Peyton (Manning) did a great job with executing and a heck of a catch by Dallas (Clark) as well.  It was an area where we felt we had to be maybe a bit more aggressive."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the game)

"They are an excellent defense.  Kind of my points of emphasis were obviously to get off to a good start.  We really wanted to score touchdowns in the redzone.  That is really where Denver can really tighten it up.  I thought that was huge for us, getting those touchdowns in the redzone.  Couple third down touchdowns.  Felt like Denver might have had us in a good position.  Got us in third and goal from the 7 or 8 yard line and we still got the touchdown.  That was critical.  I think Denver made some plays there.  I thought we had some bad luck.  Had a little tipped ball action going.  Balls bouncing kind of off helmets and going to them.  Kind of weathered the storm.  Our defense did a great job all day and then came up with an excellent drive when we had to have it there in the fourth quarter.  It was a game of sort of different streaks and momentum, but I think the main thing is we finished on a high note."

* *

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the records and accomplishments achieved)

"I didn't really reflect upon it until Mr. (Jim) Irsay was speaking to us after the game. He kind of encouraged the team to reflect.  There is no question that is a lot of wins in a decade.  You do think about all the players that have been here.  A lot of them aren't here, a majority of those guys aren't here anymore.  So many players and I can't start naming names or I'll leave someone out.  So many players that have played a huge role.  So many coaches that have played a huge role.  Some of those that aren't here as well.  I have always learned never to take winning for granted.  When you think about how many we won in those ten years, you take a minute to think about, it does kind of get you.  It is a bunch.  I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into those wins."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on the possibility of going 16-0 and resting players)

"I haven't had time to think about that.  This was a tough team.  This was a great mental challenge.  I spent a lot of time preparing for this team because of the different defensive looks they give you.  We got a short week on Thursday.  I haven't had time to think about what we want to do.  Obviously we are going to do whatever Coach Caldwell tells us to do, but I haven't spoken with the other veteran guys to get their sense or feelings.  The preparation, starting tomorrow morning will be to win as normal.  That is what I would expect to do.  That is where my thought process is."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on playing Jacksonville and the short week)

"I would like to play against Jacksonville.  Every player can't help it because you get asked about it a lot, but it truly has been one game at a time.  This Thursday game, being against Jacksonville, a division game.  We played them last year on Thursday.  It is a short week.  You don't have time to think about anything else, except getting ready to play.  That is kind of where my preparation is at this point."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on resting players in the final 3 games)

"Obviously it is a great, huge topic for analysis and different opinions.  I don't think there is a right answer.  I think whatever plan Coach Caldwell gives us, that will be the right plan because that is what he decides and we will carry out.  Either way you are opening yourself up for second guessing.  I think every competitive player wants to be out there playing.  That is what we will plan to do as players.  I don't know anything else, but the path to go to prepare to play to win."

QB-PEYTON MANNING (on Dallas Clark and his redzone ability)

"I have to believe they (Denver) would tell you that.  That is certainly something that is not a surprise, not revealing anything.  We certainly look for those kind of matchups.  And really Dallas is the kind of guy, he had Ty Law covering him all day.  In certain situations they actually played nickel versus our two tights (ends).  That tells you what they think about it.  So even if Ty Law covers him, you still have to try and get him the ball.  Certainly when you get linebackers and safeties you have to try and get him to the ball.  I thought on the second touchdown the guy had really excellent coverage.  He just made a great catch and kind of fought him off to get into the endzone.  He was huge for us in the redzone today."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on the lack of a celebration after the big win)

"It's kind of hard to celebrate when you have a Thursday game. We can probably celebrate for about three or four hours today and that's about it. We have to start getting ready for Jacksonville."

RB-JOSEPH ADDAI (on what the Colts need to improve down the stretch)

"What, 13-0 right now? A lot of people say it's hard to find something wrong, but you can always go back and work on the fundamentals and the small things. … When we came into the training camp, our whole thing was working on the small things and that's what we've been doing. Fourteen and zero, or 16 and zero, I think that really doesn't matter. It's just trying to get better."

* *

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on clinching homefield advantage)

"That's our second goal for this year. Our first goal was winning the division, and then worry about homefield advantage after that. We were able to do that today. We knew we had a lot at stake. You have to give credit to Denver, they played really hard and really tough. They were giving us fits there in the second, third quarter and part of the fourth. That was a big drive (in the fourth quarter). Give credit to our defense, they balled out today, keeping them contained in the red zone."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on it being a very tough game for the Colts)

"We knew it was going to be that type of game. We knew it was going to be a tough-fought game. They've been playing really well and playing with a lot of confidence. We knew everything we got, we were going to have to earn it. They weren't going to give us anything, and they didn't. They made us earn it. It was just a really good team victory. We were struggling there as an offense, and our defense really did a great job of keeping us in it."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on the Colts capitalizing in the red zone)

"We always stress that, when we get in the red zone, we have to score touchdowns. It is so hard to get in the red zone, and it's so hard to move the ball. When you get that close, you have to capitalize. You have to get a touchdown. We were able to do that today and that was huge. That was a big difference in the game, not settling for field goals and getting touchdowns and points when we needed too."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on getting off to a quick start)

"That's huge. We always try to stress that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Today, it was a huge way to start. I think that really put them in a chase mode and got them out of their offense early. Our defense did a great job of keeping them contained. It was good that we were able to get that lead."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on scoring three touchdowns)

"That was fun. I don't think I've ever done that, besides backyard football. That was cool. It was fun."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on with homefield advantage clinched what is his status on sitting out)

"It will be a very popular question. To be honest with you, I don't know. That's why I enjoy being a player and not a coach. I wouldn't want to make those decisions. If they want us to play, we'll play, we'll prepare and get better each week and go out there and play the game. It's there call. It's Coach Caldwell's decision, and whatever he wants to do we'll go with it."

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on Coach Caldwell saying that he would take to some players and see what they thought about playing or sitting out)

"There's a few other guys he'll talk to before (me). He won't be knocking on my door. I'd say, 'What did Peyton say?'"

TE-DALLAS CLARK (on what happened to him after he scored the second touchdown)

"I'll tell you what, that hurt really bad. The linebacker, No. 59, (Wesley Woodyard) he read the run and he just came up the line and I tried to get around him and his elbow hit me right in the gut. I just held my breath until I caught the ball. Everything was cool, and then I just dropped. I couldn't breathe. I was able to get it back, but it's kind of embarrassing. You want to do those things on the sideline."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on the accomplishment of being No. 1 seed)

"We were striving for this. It was one of our goals. In the offseason, we wanted to clinch the division and try to get homefield advantage. We were able to do that and get it done early, so now it's to be determined how the coaches deal with playing time and whatever. This is a big step for us. Hopefully we can just keep going."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on the Colts' dry spell during the game)

"You just have to keep trying. Those other guys get paid, too. They did a good job of mixing in some things and kind of giving us a little confusion here and there. But we just have to keep playing. We were able to get enough of a lead where that dry spell didn't hurt us too bad."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on Brandon Marshall's record-setting day with 21 catches)

"I take my hat off to him. … That's how it is. Whenever you can get a guy with some rhythm, you kind of want to feed the beast. That's what they were doing."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE (on the Colts' other accomplishments, like the 22-game regular-season win streak)

"Our ultimate goal is the Super Bowl. If other records come in the midst of that, then it's awesome. … We've been fortunate enough to have those other records in the way, as you can say, and we were able to achieve them. It's a big pat on the back, but we still have the ultimate goal in front of us and that's to win the Super Bowl."

* *

C-JEFF SATURDAY (on the Colts hanging on during their dry spell during the game)

"Obviously, we weren't playing the way we wanted, but you're not behind in the game and you can't let the moment overtake you. Guys kept battling and doing what we needed to do."

DT-DANIEL MUIR (on the defense playing well when the offense struggled)

"Sometimes, we have to have their back (and) most of time they have our back. That's how we work as a unit."

* *

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on 22 straight wins in the regular season and 114 wins in the 2000s)

"That's a great accomplishment for this organization period. Year-in, year-out, we have definite players. It is never the same team. We've had a great transition this year from Coach Dungy to (current head coach) Jim (Caldwell). I think this is really a tribute to everybody, and what we do around here."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on wrapping up homefield advantage)

"We don't ever take anything for granted. This is a big win for us. We locked up that No. 1 seed. Now, we're just trying to clean up whatever we need to clean up and get ready for the playoffs."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on if he wants to keep playing)

"Personally, I love playing on Sunday, but that's not my decision to make. So, whatever the coaches decide to do. I'm sure there will be some guys that get a little more rest, probably some guys not. I don't know."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on if 16-0 means anything)

"Yes, it definitely means something, you don't ever want to lose a game. But, I guess, 19-0 means a lot more than 16-0."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on the Colts' defense)

"I think we're building a certain attitude around here. Fourth down, obviously, we don't like people going for it. We step up. We're definitely putting a show on out there, defensively. Hopefully, we can keep that going and build some more momentum."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on Denver WR-Brandon Marshall)

"Defensively, we just had to make a play. Brandon did a great job. They were getting him the ball, and he's a big time receiver. We found ways to shut him down when it counted. He's definitely a load, though."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on if all these team records will mean anything if they don't make the Super Bowl)

"I think they will mean something. For the history of the franchise, I think that definitely means something. Obviously, for this particular season, if we don't get to the Super Bowl, or win the Super Bowl, it's something that we'll have to look at and be like 'Alright, we didn't finish it off.' I don't think we can take anything for granted. It is hard to get wins in this league. We're rolling right now, but we definitely have to clean some things up."

DE-DWIGHT FREENEY (on the Divisional Playoff game being five weeks away)

"Well, we practice everyday. That's competitive. Defensively, we're playing against the best offense, and the offense is playing against one of the better defenses in the league. I know we'll get our work, regardless, but I'm not exactly sure what Coach will do."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on the game)

"We knew what we set out to do when we came out today. We wanted to have a good defensive game. We wanted to dominate every aspect of the game. We knew covering 15 (Denver WR-Brandon Marshall) was going to be a tough task. I heard he had an NFL record today. That's a credit to that guy. He's a very good player, but we won, so that's the big thing."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on the records and accomplishments achieved)

"It fell just into the way we planned it.  From day one we always talked about taking care of every game that we have in front of us and that is what we did today.  We knew we needed this game in order to solidify home field advantage in the playoffs.  That is what we want.  We feel like we are best there at home in our stadium.  We got the win."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on the 4th down defensive stops)

"They will find out after awhile if they keeping trying us.  We are never backing down.  We love that again.  We love that.  They can keep coming."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on the possibility of going 16-0)

"I would like to look back at this offseason and be 16-0.  I would like to do that.  We take it one game at a time so of course we are going to try and beat Jacksonville Thursday.  That is the first task at hand.  We just never go over our head.  That is what a lot of teams do and they end up not being successful."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on Brandon Marshall's record)

"That is a good tribute to that guy.  We knew he was going to be a tough task to cover coming into this game.  He got his, but they lost."

LB-CLINT SESSION (on winning 22 games in a row)

"I am part of history right now.  So it feels real good.  This team here, all those guys in the locker room, they can look back and tell their grandkids and kids that we did something nobody in the NFL did.  It is definitely a great accomplishment."

* *

LB-GARY BRACKETT (on limiting the Broncos to 16 points)

"We gave up some yards statistically, but I think as far as keeping them out of the end zone, that's our number one goal. We were able to get that accomplished."

LB-GARY BRACKETT (on the importance of today's game)

"We had a lot on the line that we were playing for. Obviously, all of the historical stuff but homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. It doesn't guarantee you anything but it sure is nice."

LB-GARY BRACKETT (on what's important in the final three games)

"Defense, I think wins championships. That's been proven year-in and year-out. I think we have to keep on being consistent on the defensive side of the ball, eliminate mistakes, no big plays, and keeping the ball out of the end zone. I think we did a pretty good job of that today."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on whether starters should continue to play or not)

"It's the coaches' call. We have a position to play and they have a position to play. If they feel like guys need to sit out and rest then so be it. As for now, guys are looking at it as a short week for us, and we've got to get ready for Jacksonville. We want to go out there and perform and come out with a win."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on Thursday's game versus Jacksonville)

"You look at it as a division game. We look at it as we won our division, but we don't want to lose to anybody in our division. We still feel like we have a job to do."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on having depth)

"We go by the motto, 'the next man up.' We feel like anybody that comes in, we don't have to change anything. We don't have to alter anything. (We) just go in there, make the calls that we usually call and be effective."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on covering Brandon Marshall)

"He's one of those elite receivers. He's 6'4. You've got to play him aggressive and play your game. You can't get caught up into what he's doing and things like that. You just have to be effective at what you're doing and the chips will fall your way eventually. You know he's going to make his plays, but you have to make your plays as well."

DB-KELVIN HAYDEN (on keeping the Broncos out of the end zone)

"That's our job is to keep them out of the end zone. It doesn't matter where they are. We put ourselves in tough situations sometimes and the offense puts us in tough situations sometimes. We're a team. Everything's not going to be perfect. We just want to go out there and keep them out of the end zone. I think we did a pretty good job for being out on the field a lot."

* *

S-ANTOINE BETHEA (on what Head Coach Jim Caldwell said to them right after the game)

"It was a good moment. There were some records set today, some things the team should really be proud of. This is something that everybody should feel good about."

S-ANTOINE BETHEA (on how the Colts started strong but then struggled)

"We were all clicking on all cylinders early in the game. Obviously, their defense probably made some changes. But ours was a team effort. Our defense stood up to all the challenges that were thrown at us. I'm just proud of the guys, the way we relied on all three phases today."

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