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Colts Quotes vs. Bengals



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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) Bengals vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 8/28/08

"It was one of those pre-season games that wasn't artistic. The fans probably didn't appreciate a lot of the things that happened out there. But we got to see some things that we needed to see, made some progress in some areas, got to see players in situations that we wanted to see them in. We'll now head to the process of making our roster decisions. All in all I thought we got some things done in this pre-season that were good for us and that are going to help us down the road. We got to see some young guys. Some of the young guys we really like. We did rest the majority of our starters and a lot of our veteran guys today. That was a decision that we made as a coaching staff. That's going to put us in position to be ready to go for the Bears and we're excited about it."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on Peyton Manning) Bengals vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 8/28/08

"What he wanted to do was really kind of simulate what he was going to do on game day, see how everything felt and see if he wanted to alter his routine for next Sunday. I think he came away feeling pretty good about it. He wanted to see how loose he'd be after the wait in the locker room, that type of thing. We had an exercise bike out there for him. But I think he's pretty happy with the way his routine went. He told me on the sidelines if he started he would have felt in good shape and ready to go. I would be shocked if he's not there Sunday. He would have to have a dramatic set back. Right now every step we've taken has been good. He did a little bit on Tuesday, did a lot more close to his regular work load on Wednesday.  He warmed up today and felt good so I'd be very, very surprised if he is not ready to go."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on Steve Justice) Bengals vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 8/28/08

"Steve, I think did a pretty good job. We have a lot of options. We're really going to wait and see how long (C) Jeff (Saturday) is going to be before we really finalize those things. We've got some veteran guys that could play in there. If it's just going to be a short period of time we probably won't do a lot of moving people around. I think Steve did well."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the fans) Bengals vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 8/28/08

"I'm very, very impressed. I thought our fans did a great job under the circumstances. It will be a great atmosphere next week. I told our players it will be totally different. I think we're all looking forward to it."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on special teams) Bengals vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 8/28/08

"I think our special teams all pre-season have been good. We had one punt today that they had a decent return on. Other than that we've had good coverage on our punts and kickoffs. I think (P) Hunter (Smith) and (K) Adam (Vinatieri) are kicking the ball in mid-season form. (WR) Courtney (Roby) has been dynamic on the returns and done a good job. He's also unseen, giving us good coverage work on the punts and kickoff coverage. He's doing an excellent job. We got (WR) Roy Hall back today. That's another plus for our special teams. We saw some young guys that can help us and there are going to be some tough cuts."

QB-QUINN GRAY (on if he'll make the team) Bengals vs. Colts Post-Game Quotes 8/28/08

"That is not in our hands. All we can do is go out and compete and try to get better. We got here Thursday of training camp for what was to be a very, very difficult offense to pick up. For the most part myself and Jared picked it up really well. We executed the offense pretty well for the most part. Being new in the offense you are going to have mistakes and stuff like that, but got to be able to overcome those mistakes. Hopefully we will see how it goes (Friday) with the cuts. Whatever happens I have had a great time here. Hopefully it keeps going."

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