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HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –the team at Anderson) “It went very, very well. Overall, I think we got a lot done.

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –the team at Anderson) * *

"It went very, very well. Overall, I think we got a lot done. Just like any camp you typically have some situations that are not going to be ideal that you have to work yourself through. I think the guys did a tremendous job of that. We were a little thin at some positions, but we were still able to get a lot of work done. I think we improved."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –impressions at Anderson)

"(It's) a tremendous place with how giving they have been, how well-organized it's been, the fan appreciation, the connection our players made with the fans I think is something to behold. It was quite a memorable experience. This city itself certainly has gone through some tough times a lot like my hometown.  They both are similar in size and similar in unemployment rate and things of that nature. They certainly put their best foot forward and did an absolutely tremendous job across the board. I can't say enough about Anderson University and the city as well."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –training camp not really being over)

"It is an ongoing process for us. Nevertheless it has been a successful two weeks here and we've enjoyed that."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –going to Toronto)

"It gives an opportunity to work on some things that we are going to face during the course of the season in terms of a road trip with how we travel and what we go through. There are more nuances, particularly dealing with immigration and customs. Other than that, I think it will be a great experience for the team."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –playing time for starters)

"We can't present a blanket statement across the board. We have a couple of guys that may not play as long for various reasons. For the most part, that is a pretty good assessment that we will probably play most of the starters for a little bit longer."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –coming back to Anderson)

"It has been a great experience. Those things will be left up to those that make those decisions. What we do is come and prepare and it has been a great place to prepare. I can tell you that for certain."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –if Terrell Skinner will play)

"There is a possibility maybe in the kicking game and things of that nature. We certainly can use him. We are a little bit thin at strong safety and the safety position."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –Devin Moore getting work as a kick returner)

"He is going to get some (work), unless something unforeseen happens, but he is going to get a little work back there to see what he can do. We may give him a punt or two as well. We want to see him do his thing out there."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –Bob Sanders playing)

"I'm not certain how much or how many plays, but he will play."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –the turnouts for Camp)

"I don't think anybody could have imagined the kind of turnouts that we had here. If anybody does tell you that, maybe you ought to ask them a lottery number or two. Seriously, I think it far exceeded everyone's expectations of the number of people that came out and supported us. It's been great."

HEAD COACH-JIM CALDWELL (on –offensive line)

"I'm smiling because sometimes things don't leave you with very many options. It just depends on the health of your team. And that is one that we don't plan anything unusual. Let me put it that way."

* *

DB-JERRAUD POWERS (on –training camp in Anderson)

"It's been fun. I didn't know we had this many fans in Anderson. Everyday it just seemed we had more people. It was a good crowd, a fun camp and we got a lot accomplished. If we had to come back here next year I would definitely be for it. I was at Terre Haute last year, which was a great place also, but being at a different spot was obviously good for this team just to see a new set of fans. I never knew we had this many fans, especially from kids on up to grown ups. It was fun. Every night felt like it was a big high school type of crowd. Not to say it had a high school feeling, but like a rivalry game, a packed out high school feeling. It was good."

DB-JERRAUD POWERS (on –the work not being over)

"It is just like training camp going back to Indianapolis. It is not going to stop until the season starts. We are just basically taking training camp back to Indianapolis."

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