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Colts Post-Game quotes vs. Denver



HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) DenverBroncos vs. IndianapolisColts 9/30/07

"I was joking watching these games, I said it is tough to get wins, but it really is.  People don't realize how difficult it is to win every week.  We are excited.  We don't take any of them for granted.  We got off to a little bit of a slow start, but I think a lot of that was due to Denver.  We know they have a good running scheme and they have a really good back in Travis Henry that kept us a little bit off balance in the first half and kept the ball away from us.  But when we got the lead in the second quarter, we felt pretty good.  We felt like we hadn't played our best game, but we are one point ahead and we are getting the ball.  I thought we did a good job of getting that first drive and taking it down in there.  They were trying not to let us get big plays.  We had to run the ball.  I think Peyton (Manning) did a great job of running it and going to some of the other receivers.  We have a tough offense to take everything away.  They took a few things away but Joseph (Addai), Kenton (Keith), and Luke (Lawton) came in and ran the ball well.  So it was a good team win.  One we are excited getting."

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on Denver's game plan) DenverBroncos vs. IndianapolisColts 9/30/07

"We had to kind of figure out what they were doing.  We knew it would be a little bit different.  Once we got a chance to look at the pictures and everybody got comfortable and we got in our minds we're going to have to run the ball, we did, and Joseph (Addai) got us going there with some runs.  That helped us.  And then we had to get the ball back for our offense.  They held it a lot in the first quarter.  We figured that would be there thought.  It was just the way they were playing.  They basically used Bly (Dre) and Bailey (Champ) on the outside guys and the backers were playing a lot of man coverage.  We ran some play-action passes early and the guys were just turning their backs, running with our inside receivers.  We knew at that point we were going to have to make them honor the running game.  And that's when Joseph (Addai) got going."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on Colts'injuries) DenverBroncos vs. IndianapolisColts 9/30/07

"I really don't know what the status is yet.  I haven't really talked to anyone.  I hesitate to even think.  Last (year), Dallas Clark had an ACL and was going to be out for the year and he was back, so we had a couple of knees, don't know extent of them.  Joseph was actually ready to come back in the game and I told him that if we can hold them, if they don't score, we will keep you out and that's what

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