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Colts Post-Game Quotes at Tennessee

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS QUOTES HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (Opening statement) I’m really proud of our team today coming into a tough atmosphere and a game we knew was going to be tough and coming down here executing in all three phases. I thought we played sharp for 95% of the game.



(Opening statement) I'm really proud of our team today coming into a tough atmosphere and a game we knew was going to be tough and coming down here executing in all three phases. I thought we played sharp for 95% of the game. Very few penalties and we didn't turn it over offensively. Defensively, I thought we played well. They had a good plan. They changed a lot of things they did. They really had an emphasis on protecting the passer and did a good job but we were able to keep them out of the end zone. So all-in-all, a very good, complete win. I guess we won't have to ask the question what is wrong with the offense now.

(On giving up a double digit score for the first time this season)

We were disappointed. The last drive we had some chances on a couple of fourth downs. They fought all the way to the end and made some plays. We had a miscommunication on the fourth and one and you hate to see that happen. Our guys were very disappointed. They wanted to keep them out of the end zone but that gives them something to work on, so that probably keeps me smiling.

(On if today's game was an indication of what the offense can do)

We felt we would get some chances to throw some one-on-one's. We knew Tennesseewould come after us a little more than other teams had. When we get those chances, we still have plenty of guys that can execute and make things happen. I thought it was very efficient. Again, no sacks, no turnovers, time of possession was good and we had one hang-up on short yardage where we didn't get it in. That was probably the only negative of the game. Good sharp performance.

(On Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison being the greatest combination ever)

I guess the numbers will speak for themselves. Those guys should get to play together for a lot more time. They may put up some numbers that will be hard to reach.

(On the difference found in the defense today)

They just play with a little different style. Not everybody is content to play a slow death type of defense and drop eight guys and keep the ball in front of you. We had some chances to throw some one-on-one's and when we did we were able to hit them.

(On the review before the half)

It's an easy rule really. If you go up for a ball and don't get both feet down, you have to finish the catch. The ball can't come out. It came out and we didn't think it hit the ground so I thought at the very worst it would be an incomplete pass. We thought we should have the ball. We called time out. I was a little surprised they didn't review it right away. Then even after the timeout it took a while but they got the right call, so we were happy. I thought Tennesseewas going to come up and try to go quick before they could get it buzzed. That's why we called timeout. It was a big play at that time it was 17-3 and would have put them at the two yard line.

(On the beginning of the season)

Four-and-0 and get two division wins is really huge. I like the way we're playing. We're getting better every week and that's the important thing right now. We played better this week than we did last week.


(on the milestones and the records)

It is definitely something special. It is not something that you come into your career hoping to get, but when it happens you have a great appreciation for it and the guys that have done it. At some point they will mean a tremendous amount. Right now we are just focused on winning games.

(on the offense finally producing)

The whole point is winning the football game. That is what matters to us. We know we have a great offense and a great team, but there is always room for improvement. The three weeks that we have played, we have improved and found out what we can do to get better. Heading into the next game we want to continue to improve and do what we know we can do.

(on being a part of the greatest passing combo ever)

What hits me is that it is still early in both of our careers. You never know where it will be when we are done. The main focus is that we can stay together and win football games. Hopefully we can put a lot of wins and hopefully some championships.

(on improving the numbers)

I am definitely looking forward to it. As long as we can stay healthy and stay efficient and work hard, who knows what the records will be when it is all said and done.

(on being compared with Jerry Rice)

I can't really put my words into sentences to say how it feels. He has been around for a long time and has done a lot of great things. I don't really put myself next to him. I just go out and try to work hard to get better.


(on the win)

Division road games are huge especially with Tennessee. It is a good rivalry. No matter what it is going to be a battle. To be able to go down and score on the opening drive was really big for our offense and gave momentum to our defense and special teams. That is what you need to do on the road. Get the crowd out of it a little bit. That was a big start for the day and I think we just continued the momentum off that.

(on touchdown record matched by Manning and Harrison)

It's just great, Marvin getting his 100th and 101st touchdowns today. I'm working on 100 catches and he has 100 touchdowns. It's just phenomenal what the two of those guys have done. It's hard work and they deserve everything they get.


(on Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison)

I just enjoy it with them. I know it was hard work for all of us. Not to take anything away from them, but at the same time, it was a team effort. Those guys are just great players. To be a part of something like that is awesome.

(on if the Colts had any mistakes)

We got stuffed on the goal line and couldn't ice it at the end of the game. Other than those I think we played a pretty good game. I think that if we look at the film there will always be mistakes that we can correct, but I think we got better from last week and that was the goal.

(on the success of the offensive line)

For our team, the most important thing for our success is to keep the quarterback clean, because we know what our bread and butter is. We emphasize that and that means that everybody has to be in tune with the protection. It is a team effort. I don't think we, as the offensive line, take the full credit. At the same time, as an offensive line, those are our goals. Keep the quarterback clean and have a 100-yard rusher.


(on importance of scoring a touchdown on first drive of game)

That's what you want to do, go out there and set the tone – especially when you get the ball first. It's something that we've been focusing on all week. We got the opportunity and took advantage of it.

(on Manning & Harrison)

I'm just like y'all. I'm looking at things that go on and am just as shocked as you. They practice hard and it just shows up on gameday.

(on Colts' passing game)

It was just a regular day. We weren't stressing on offense and worrying about what was wrong. We know we can take what the defense will give us and we'll be alright.


(general thoughts on offensive performance)

We had good execution today. We had a real mindset to execute down in the red zone because last week people were making a big deal that in the red zone we had to settle for three points a

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