Colts Player Quotes - Wayne, Simon, Glenn

  WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on Pittsburgh’s secondary) “We look at every secondary the same. Obviously, the guys who are out there are going to be good.

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on Pittsburgh's secondary)

"We look at every secondary the same. Obviously, the guys who are out there are going to be good. We are going to do our best to attempt to take advantage of what they give us. The first time we played them, they did a lot of moving. We feel like our preparation will take us where we need to be."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on being the receiver Peyton will go to on the first play)

"I hope so. Once again, it goes back to whatever they give us. They are going to come in fired up because they don't want the same thing to happen that happened the first time (a long TD pass to Marvin Harrison on the Colts' first offensive play)."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on what he has done during the bye week)

"Sit back and relax. We didn't have to worry about you guys talking about the undefeated season anymore. It was a good time for us. We had a lot of guys that were banged up. It was an opportunity for us to lick our wounds. "

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WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on the crowd being trained to be quiet when the Colts are on offense and to loud when the opposition is on offense)

"That is the beauty of being at home. We do so many things at the line of scrimmage it wouldn't bother us if they were noisy when we were on the field. The fans have been great all year. "

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on events of the last month bringing the team closer together)

"It definitely has. We were already a close team. When Coach Dungy and his family had a down time, it brought us even closer. "

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on the running game making the passing game go)

"Play action is our bag. We have to have a running game and we have to get Edgerrin (James) involved big time for the passing game to go. When you can have a running game and a passing game going, you can keep defenses on their heels."

WR-REGGIE WAYNE(on this being the best chance the Colts have had to win the championship)

"Since I have been here. We have homefield advantage. I don't know if this is the best Colts team. The best team will be the one that wins the Super Bowl."<

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