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  DB-BOB SANDERS (on what he thought he was going to bring to the defense) “Just bring a little bit more energy.  We haven’t changed much up.

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DB-BOB SANDERS (on what he thought he was going to bring to the defense)

"Just bring a little bit more energy.  We haven't changed much up.  We have been doing the same thing.  You want to get in there and help bring a little more energy, a little more excitement to the game and just have fun.  That's basically what I wanted to do."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on if he could feel if his defensive teammates were feeding off his energy or if it was just part of the playoff excitement)

"If you look at the first play of the game, I wasn't even close to the play.  They stopped it in the backfield and they made a great play.  So, I think it has a lot to do with being in the playoffs.  It's important just knowing that every team is 0-0, and we just have to make sure we focus on getting better."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on if he thinks he can play better this week and build on from there)

"I'm going to go out and be me.  I'm going to try to play fast, play smart and do what I do.  I'm not really focused on, 'Okay, well I have to step it up another notch each week.'  Just do the things that I'm supposed to do, be where I'm supposed to be and just have fun."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on QB-Steve McNair and if he is the same type of player he was in Tennessee)

"I think he's actually being a bigger leader, leading their team.  He's led their team to a great season this year, and I think he's going to continue to do that.  He's still mobile, he can move around, and he can scramble.  He's going to pass the ball a little bit more, he's not really trying to run as much, but if he has to, he will, he still can.  So, we just have to make sure we keep him contained and when we have a chance to get our hands on him, we have to bring him down."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on Steve McNair being more of a leader)

"He's been there before.  He's a veteran guy who's been around, been to many Pro Bowls, and just being in a new organization, he seems to be a little bit happier with where he is now, and so those kinds of things set in to play when you think about the way a guy is going to go in and lead a team."

DB-BOB SANDERS (on if RB-Jamal Lewis is similar to RB-Larry Johnson)

"In a way.  They're both kind of downhill runners.&n

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