Colts-Patriots Post-Game Quotes


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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) New EnglandPatriots vs. IndianapolisColts 11/04/07

"This is certaintly a tough one but you have to give a lot of credit to New England.  We were up 10 points in the fourth quarter and they found a way to come back and win.  They played with championship effort, championship big plays down the stretch and they made them and we did not.  So that was disappointing.  Usually you want to feel like you can close people out in the fourth quarter and we couldn't do it.  We didn't have an answer for Randy Moss today.  We had a lot of attention paid to him trying to stop him from catching the deep balls but he caught the deep one at the big time of the game.  That really was the play of the game, got them a quick score.  We played hard.  We didn't play maybe as well as we would have liked, but I think you have to credit them. They force you into playing perfect.  They have a lot of weapons on offense and defense.  It was a great game.  It was a game that was good for the league and I'm sure good for the people on TV.  We are disappointed we didn't win it but we have to come back now and get ready to play on Sunday.  That's what we said all week.  It wasn't going to be one of those games that determines your season.  We got to get ready to go and I think our players will."

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on Patriots play) New EnglandPatriots vs. IndianapolisColts 11/04/07

"They made some mistakes with some uncharacteristic penalties early.  Then we got in a situation where we were up a score and you know they are going to throw a deep ball to (Randy) Moss to get back in the game.  We let him get behind us which all our guys are disappointed about.  They came and got some good pressure on us.  They got two sack fumbles at the end which is tough.  But that's them keeping the pressure on people forcing you to play well all the way through for 60 minutes.  The last game here, the championship game we won it in the last minute.  They won it in the fourth quarter today."

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on first half of the season) New EnglandPatriots vs. IndianapolisColts 11/04/07

"That's what we said all along.  We have to keep the pace going and try to stay ahead in our division.  The second half of the year is going to be tough. We are 7-1 at the end of the first half.  I think we would probably take that every year, but the disappointing thing is you can't lose home games.  You don't like to lose in your building.  <

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