Colts-Patriots Post-Game Quotes

JANUARY 21, 2007   New EnglandPatriots vs.

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New EnglandPatriots vs. IndianapolisColts Post-Game Quotes

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COACH TONY DUNGY:  Well, obviously there's a lot of emotion in that locker room.  I could not be more proud of our guys.  We had to do it the hard way.  We had to go through a great champion, and we got down 18 points to them and that's not easy, but at halftime I just felt an energy in our locker room.  Even though we had to settle for the field goal there at the end of the half, we talked about just being two scores down and we said, we can get a good kickoff return and score, then we're one score down.  With everything that happened, we're within one score of them, and, if we do that, then we can make it a 60-minute game.

            When that happened, I think our whole side line just lit up, and we made it a game from there on out.  It certainly wasn't perfect.  We had some glitches in our kickoff coverage.  We had some glitches on defense, but that's going happen against them.  They're a tremendous team I was so proud of the way our guys fought.  I was really happy for Peyton.  You know, he was very, very calm.  He had to bring us from behind three, four times.  Great drive at the end and it's just fitting.

            Our team went the hard way the whole year, but they hung tough, and I'm so proud of them.  I'm excited for our whole city, our organization, taking our team to the Super Bowl.  Couldn't ask for a better way to end this part of our year.

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            Q.  Tony, before the go ahead touchdown, then were you like 35 on the other side of the field, is that like you couldn't watch it or -- did you think?

            COACH TONY DUNGY:  That's where I always watch from.  I watch from the other end.  I just try to stay out of the way of the coaches and the players and let them do their work.  We felt we had a good play.  I wanted to see it, you know, right from that end zone angle, and when Joseph took it in, it was a great feeling.

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            Q.  To get touchdowns from Klecko and Saturday.

            COACH TONY DUNGY:  I'll tell you what.  It was one of those games.  They got the first ball that comes loose and they fall on it.  They get one right on the edge of the goal line, we don't think it's a touchdown.  We get a great catch from Marvin on the two-point conversion.  There was just a lot of things that happened around the end zone.  It was just one of those games where you're going to have to fight, and I think the Lord just set you up.  He's been testing us all year.  We've had to hang in there and hang together and keep the faith, and this was a big test today.

            But we did it, and we did get two unlikely touchdowns there to help us.

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            Q.  Tony, in all your conversations with Lovie through the years, did you ever anticipate you'd have a chance to play him in a Super Bowl?

            COACH TONY DUNGY:  You know, you always talk about it.  When he took the job in

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