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Colts Owner and CEO Jim Irsay Quotes

  COLTS OWNER & CEO JIM IRSAY (opening statement on giving five charities $5,000 each) “It’s great to be here. Obviously, the mayor (Anderson Mayor Kris Ockomon) has been leading the charge with the University and just talking to everyone, (and) we’ve been so welcomed up here.


COLTS OWNER & CEO JIM IRSAY (opening statement on giving five charities $5,000 each)

"It's great to be here. Obviously, the mayor (Anderson Mayor Kris Ockomon) has been leading the charge with the University and just talking to everyone, (and) we've been so welcomed up here. It brings back memories to me of a younger man driving up here in 1984, and in my 20s I used to have a little bit more fun at night and that sort of thing when I had the energy, but we have great memories from being here. A big thing, I think, that the Indianapolis Colts and myself and my family like to do is wherever we go we like to make an impact. We like to be part of the community and show appreciation. It's something where in these times, since 2008, it's been tough out there. It's been tough for people with jobs. It's been tough for charities. People have been cutting back. I think, number one, as the Colts and myself, I like to hand these out, but it's also to reach out to all citizens in Indiana that are blessed, just to reach a little bit deeper and to maybe hurt a little bit when we stretch, but not to forget those that are given a lot, are expected a lot. The state needs leadership. The cities like Anderson do, and the mayor has done a tremendous job, but I think as we continue to go down these tracks of uncertainty, we need to stick together and we need to show leadership. This is just a continued effort."

COLTS OWNER & CEO JIM IRSAY (on the team's training camp in Anderson)

"It's been tremendous. In talking with everybody in the organization, it's really been, I won't say a pleasant surprise, but literally people should know that Anderson University's makeover is completely different from the 1980s and 90s when we were here. They've put a lot of money into the University. The mayor of Anderson has been extremely motivated. We've had crowds in excess of 12,000 people come up here. It's a shorter ride for Central Indiana by a little bit. It's really good to feel wanted. I really think the partnership here has been important. This community has been hit hard. You go and see factories closed down and you get the ripple effect with restaurants and other businesses. It's great to be apart of bringing some energy here. I've always said that you bring literal money and you bring economic impact, but you have to bring inspiration. People have to know that it is going to be okay, that we've been through tough times before, that our fathers, our grandfathers, our grandmothers and mothers through time in this country, there have been tough times. In this state, and in this city in particular, you want to be cognizant of that. I think it's something that many business leaders in this state feel the same way. We want to continue to recharge and do what we can, even though we feel the impact as well. Sometimes you have to have a little faith in things and say, 'Hey, we're still going to be investing in the community and in the state.' That's what is going to turn it around. It becomes individual efforts from many different business people, CEOs, throughout the state. We want to definitely keep doing that."

COLTS OWNER & CEO JIM IRSAY (on how much money he donated)

"We gave out $25,000, $5,000 to each agency. It was great just to see people here and to meet some of the people. It's something where we continue to follow up. I know we have at halftime with the San Francisco game at home, we have some more things that we are doing. We're excited about the game. We're excited about Peyton (Manning's) MVP and Bill Polian's Executive of the Year (award), and we're excited to be back in Lucas Oil Stadium. But whenever we go in there, too, we try to do the same thing. People have a great time, but we also try to affect the community in any way we can. So, we're excited about that."

COLTS OWNER & CEO JIM IRSAY (on the seriousness of C-Jeff Saturday's injury)

"I think Jeff, with scopes you never know. We've seen some guys come back in two weeks. You see some guys come back in six weeks. You're hoping it's the shorter side of the scale. I think you guys know scopes are better than surgeries, even though it is a surgery, but it's certainly not like a reconstruction or anything like that. The scope is less evasive, and it just depends on the guy and how quick he can rebound. We've seen guys come back in two weeks, but sometimes it lingers on. Sometimes the doctors don't even know. Mother Nature lets us know."

COLTS OWNER & CEO JIM IRSAY (on his thoughts on the throwback uniforms for this weekend)

"I love it. I think it looks great. I think people always relish the opportunity to look at the horseshoe in a different way. I think the players have liked it, and it's really neat to see those dark helmets on there and see the horseshoes on the back. It's just a fun thing to do for preseason."

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