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The Indianapolis Colts hosted their third Make It Personal stop in Sullivan, Indiana, on Monday, June 8th. The event drew tons of fans who excitedly waited their turn to meet Colts players Michael Toudouze and Jamey Richard.


Indianapolis Colts Players Are Role Models for Fans

SULLIVAN, IN - Colts players attend every Make It Personal stop and spend time signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. However, being a Colts player means more than autographs and pictures; it means being looked at as a role model. Fans of all ages look up to the players as influences and inspirations for how they should live their own lives.

Brian Buck of Lafayette, Indiana, is a recently converted, yet dedicated, Colts fan. Buck's favorite part about being a Colts fan is knowing that his favorite players are excellent role models for the younger generation of Colts fans.

"I really like how the guys are good role models," Buck said.

"They stay out of trouble, and their interest in autograph signing and coming out to events to meet and interact with the kids is great."

Buck drove two and a half hours on Monday from his home in Lafayette to Sullivan to meet Michael Toudouze and Jamey Richard. He makes it a point to attend all of the Make It Personal stops and any other Colts event. Buck enjoys supporting the team because the team does so much for the community.

Interacting with fans is one of the main reasons so many kids look up to the players as role models. The players take time to travel Indiana and meet the fans in a personal setting. Buck believes it's obvious that the Colts love their fans.

"Without the fans, they wouldn't be in the position they're in now. It's obvious that the team loves their fans; you can tell because of the free events the team hosts and how much interaction the players have with fans."

Kids agree that the Colts players make great role models. Karson, from Sullivan, says he looks up to the players because they've done so much with their lives. Karson's friends Ethan and Brady also look up to the players and think that meeting fans is the best thing the players can do.

"They're the best players in the universe!" adds Brady.

Buck thinks it is important for kids to have role models to look up to.

"I enjoy meeting the players," says Buck.

"These kids, they need role models. They need someone to look up to that will keep them out of trouble."

Being a role model to kids is enjoyable but is hard work.

"It's a pretty big deal," says Colts offensive tackle Michael Toudouze.

"It's kind of cool to be a role model," says Colts offensive guard Jamey Richard.

"It puts a little bit of pressure on you to rise to the challenge and realize that you are the one the kids look up to. You have to watch your actions."

The Indianapolis Colts will be in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday, June 11th for a Make It Personal stop at Meijer on Towne Center Drive. For more information on the Make It Personal Tour, visit

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