Colts-Jaguars Post-Game Quotes


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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general comments) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 12/2/07

"Needless to say it was a really hard-fought game, a great win for us.  Jacksonville has a good football team. We knew that and felt that coming in that we were going to have to play our best.  I thought we had a little more energy than we had in the last month.  Getting some guys back and getting them in practice helped.  We didn't play defensively they way we would like to today.  Fred Taylor really got things going.  He got some runs against us and it is hard to win when that happens.  But our guys hung in there and fought. I thought offensively we were a lot sharper than we've been in the last month and we needed that.  Reggie Wayne obviously had a big day and Peyton.  To answer at the end with a drive for a touchdown and then we kind of screwed up our drive when we got the ball back after Antoine's (Bethea) interception, but when we needed a couple of first downs in the end we were able to make it.  I know that Jacksonville is disappointed, feel like maybe if they made their field goal they could come out with a win.  But that is what happens.  It's going to be tight against them, it's going to be hard-fought and for us to beat them twice is an accomplishment.  I don't think many more people are going to beat them this year. So we are excited heading into the fourth quarter of the season.  We have a lead in the division, we're in second place in terms of the overall standings, so we have to go finish off December right and that is our plan right now."

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on the impact of the win) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 12/2/07

"It will help us in a lot of ways.  We have to stay ahead of Pittsburgh.  That is our goal right now and to continue to win and get this division locked up. But certainly it's going to give us the chance to do that more so than had we lost the game, and really would've felt like we had to win all four of the last ones.  It was a big game and we knew that and we knew what the division standings looked like and we knew it was going to be tough.  We beat Jacksonville (in October), but they didn't have their quarterback and Garrard (David) has been playing great for them so we knew it was going to be a little bit tougher.  Overall it was a full team effort and that's what it takes this time of year."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on offensive play) JacksonvilleJaguars vs. IndianapolisColts 12/2/07

"We were better on third downs today. 

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