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Colts Host Make It Personal Event in South Bend

For 3 1/2 year old Nicholas and his family, the Colts are more than just a football team; they are the reason Nicholas is alive.


The Indianapolis Colts Make It Personal With Fans in South Bend

In August, 2008, Nicholas, then 2 ½ , fell into a pool and nearly lost his life. Nicholas was found in the pool, unresponsive, and his grandfather, Bela, and paramedics could find no pulse or sign of life. The paramedics and Bela attempted CPR on Nicholas for nearly thirty minutes before finally detecting a spark of life. Nicholas was brought to the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital for immediate treatment of his life-threatening injuries.

"We had people from every religion praying for Nicholas," said Bela. "We took all of the help and prayers that were offered to us, we turned no one away."

Nicholas stayed it the hospital for nearly 3 ½ months before finally being released, and his grandfather says without Peyton Manning and his generosity, Nicholas would not be here today.

"Nicholas is only alive because of Peyton Manning and his Children's hospital. It was the only hospital who would take Nicholas in his condition, and his life was saved because of Peyton," said Bela.

Since the accident, Nicholas has come a long way. He still has a feeding tube implanted, but that doesn't hold him back. He is full of life, and is looking forward to a picnic being held in his honor on July 19th.

"The picnic is a celebration of Nicholas's life. We're celebrating the miracle of his life," said Bela, "Our family wants to thank all those who prayed for Nicholas and helped save his life, because without them, he would not be here today."

Bela came out to the South Bend Make It Personal stop on Tuesday, July 7th, to meet Colts linebacker Adam Seward and defensive lineman Pat Kuntz. He got an autograph from each to bring to Nicholas. Bela came out to the event as his own personal way of saying "Thank You" to the team for all they have done for Nicholas.

"This is what it's all about," said Bela. "Coming out and saying thank you for everything Peyton and the Colts have done for our family."

The Indianapolis Colts will be hosting the last Fan Fest event of the summer on Friday, July 10th in Indianapolis. On Monday, July 13th, the Colts will be visiting Greentown, Indiana, for a Make It Personal stop.

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