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Colts-Chargers Post-Game Quotes

  Colts vs. Chargers Post-Game Quotes   HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general on the game) Colts vs.

Colts vs. Chargers Post-Game Quotes

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HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (general on the game) Colts vs. Chargers Post-Game Quotes:

"It's disappointing to us to lose a ballgame and lose at home.  We certainly didn't want to do that.  I think you have to give San Diego all the credit.  I've said all along, during this streak, it would take somebody to came in and beat us, and that's what they did.  They outplayed us, forced the action, came up, made plays, made plays all the way throughout the game.  You have to tip your hat to those guys.  They had a long trip after a disappointing game and they came in and got it going.  We made some errors that were uncharacteristic of us, but I think they forced a lot of those.  Defensively, I know our guys are disappointed we gave up three big plays when they were backed up in their end of the field.  And that's what we're designed to not let happen.  It's one of those days we couldn't quite make the play when we needed it.  Our defense got us back in the game, put us ahead and normally you take charge in those situations.  The big pass to (Keenan) McCardell, we were in zone defense.  (Drew) Brees bought a little extra time and hit him and that really was the play of the game."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on offense) Colts vs. Chargers Post-Game Quotes:

"I'm not sure what happened after the defense we played, a lot in long yardage situations.  We were in two deep zone and they really kind of max protected it.  Didn't have many receivers out, bought a little extra time and threw the ball up the field, so that one hurt.  Then obviously the long run, after we get a grounding penalty to kind of knock us out of field goal range.  We had our chances to go ahead and see what would happen.  We didn't finish it off."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on grounding penalty) Colts vs. Chargers Post-Game Quotes:

"Well, first they had a guy free.  He didn't expect to be free and just threw the ball away.  We were hoping to throw the ball in the area of someone, but didn't get that done and that knocked us out of field goal range.  They (Chargers) played.  They brought their outside backers a lot and forced us to protect and throw the ball fast.  We got in a little rhythm there for a time.  But really they just played better than we played today."

HEAD COACH TONY DUNGY (on not kicking 55-yard field goal) Colts vs. Chargers Post-Game Quotes:

"We talked about it, but we thought we could punt it down there, punt it down close, get the ball back near mid-field again, we'd have plenty of time to get back in range.  We stopped the first down play for minus four.  Then let the second down play get out.  It was the right thing to do.  We had plenty of time, if we stopped them.  Mike (Vanderjagt) would have tried it.  If we tried it, it would have been right at about 55 (yards).  And we just thought percentage wise, we're better to punt them down in there.  I gave away three points at the end of the first half, and that wasn't very smart on my part.  Otherwise, maybe it's a different game.  They made enough plays to win and we didn't make quite enough."

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