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Seventh-Year Veteran Tight End Dallas Clark will blog on bi-weekly throughout the season. In this installment, Clark discusses the Colts' win last weekend at Miami and this week's tough Sunday night matchup at Arizona.


Colts TE Dallas Clark Blog-September 25

A big win for us last Monday at Miami. It was a great environment for football. It was crazy being in that stadium again, from the last time we were there and how great it was and the memories we all have as a team. That was special, and to be back there for a regular game, it wasn't quite close to last time, but it was definitely a big win for this year.

Monday was a hard-nosed game, and different. To start off with an 80-yard pass play on the first play, that was insane. I've never done anything like that before. It was a fun way to start, that's for sure, but it's kind of weird because you have the rest of the game, so you have to regroup quickly and go back to work. You have a lot of plays left to be played, so you can't afford to be too excited about it. Those are the types of things that if you win, it's good, but if you lose, it doesn't really matter.

On the offensive side, we got the ball for under 15 minutes, and the defense was out there for the rest. It was just kind of one of those where you give credit to the defense for that last drive to find the energy, find the guts to stop them from scoring. They're dog-tired, but found a way to stop them. It's a credit to them and a credit to the offense to score when we had limited possessions. And the special teams did their job. Vinny made his kicks, those were huge. So it was a great TEAM victory. It wasn't perfect, and everyone has corrections to be made, but it's early. A game like that, it's good to get the win and move on and learn from it. Those are the hard ones to lose, so it was a good win for us.

Both wins this year have been so close, it shows you how one or two plays can decide the outcome. And that's the NFL. I think that's why it's so great and we have so many fans. It's just so much fun to watch. It can be any team, any time, and as a player, you have to prepare for that. You're never out of it. There are going to be times where we're on the other end of those. The main thing I've learned throughout my career is keeping an even keel, a steady mindset and focus, not getting too high with the wins or too low with the losses, because next week you have to go back and do it all over again.

Speaking of this week, coming back after a Monday night game and traveling back out again, mentally, physically, everything, it's tough. Monday night games, personally, they're fun to watch, it's great for the fans, but as a player, it's tough. You're working while every other team is done and resting. You only get Tuesday as a day off, and then you start right back up again Wednesday. The only benefit you could have is if you're playing at home, but we were playing at Miami, so you don't get home until early Tuesday. It's two long trips, so it's going to be tough. But that's the way it is, so we have to get our work done on a short week, stay focused, go out there and give it heck and see what happens.

I will keep updating you every couple of Fridays here throughout the season. GO COLTS!

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