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Seventh-year veteran tight end Dallas Clark blogs on bi-weekly throughout the season.


Colts TE-Dallas Clark Blog-January 29

We've accomplished another one of our goals in winning the AFC Championship Game, and now we're looking forward to heading down to Miami next week. The feeling doesn't get old—winning such a huge game against a great opponent, seeing everyone out on the field, the Lamar Hunt Trophy presentation, the confetti, families of players and coaches celebrating with them—and I'm sure it never does. However, something did strike me after the game, and that is how it felt a little bit different than it did in 2006. It felt much more reserved, more business-like…so much more like a regular game. And I think that is a good thing. I think it's a good thing that everyone seemed like they expected to be there, that everyone was on the same page that there was business still left to be taken care of. Back in 2006, this team, this city, had never been in that position. But I feel having been there before, combined with seeing how difficult it has been to get back, has made everyone realize the main goal is still ahead. We have gotten to the point where getting to the Super Bowl is not enough. We want to win it. Last week's win was another step that takes us to where we want to be. We want to be holding that trophy on the stage in Miami two Sundays from now.

Looking back at the game also made me think of a few other things. First, I think it was the loudest it has been in Lucas Oil Stadium. It was so loud last Sunday night, and that's why clinching homefield was so important to us. The atmosphere was great. Another thing was, and I think it's been true all season, is what a team win we had. All season, the offense, defense and special teams, we all have been playing together. Some weeks it has been one side, some weeks it has been the other, but a lot of weeks it has been all three, and I think last Sunday night was one of those games. I can't say enough about how our defense and special teams have played all season long.

And it was great to see our two young receivers, Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie, rise to the occasion and play so great. They have continued to improve all year long, and they came through in the biggest game so far this season. I think Reggie has done a great job of teaching them the ropes, teaching them how to bring it week in and week out. He's the ultimate professional, and I think his work and leadership has been shown through their development. Much like Kelvin and Marlin, who were two young guys back in 2006 that made key plays for us on our way to the Super Bowl, Pierre and Austin really stepped up. That's the thing in the playoffs, you never know who it is going to be. You need all 53 guys at this point in the season, rookies and veterans, and they came through for us last weekend.

It's been a great season to this point, but it's not over yet. The biggest game is yet to come. Thanks to everyone for their support, and we hope to bring another title back to Indianapolis. Go Colts!

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