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Seventh-Year Veteran Linebacker Gary Brackett fills in for Kelvin Hayden this week. In this installment, Brackett discusses Sunday night's game against New England and his IMPACT Foundation.


Colts LB Gary Brackett Blog-November 13

An important division win last week against Houston, and it doesn't get any easier this week with another tough opponent in the Patriots. There's definitely a mutual respect between the two teams, and a rivalry in the sense that the one thing you know is it's always going to be a hard-fought, competitive game. We've played them every year since I've been here, and twice on some occasions. It's always a fun game to be a part of, always a playoff-type atmosphere, but at the end of the day, it's game nine of 16.

It's impressive what both teams have done over the years. You look at the win totals for this decade, I think we have 109 and they are at 108. We're right there in a lot of categories. They have a couple up on us because they have those three championships, but I think we're very similar in the construction of our teams and how we manage ourselves. You hear a lot of positive things about those guys, and the same bodes for our team as well. So I think it's two high-class organizations that will put great game plans together and go toe to toe this Sunday night. We're all looking forward to it.

Something else I wanted to mention was this past Monday night when I held my second annual awards reception for my IMPACT Foundation, something that means a great deal to me. We held a fundraising event and had an awards reception for the children and the nurses that help the children with pediatric cancer. We bring kids out, hand out courage awards for those who have battled the disease, whose cancer is in remission and have gone back to the hospitals to encourage other children, or others who have had a rare form of cancer and had a positive attitude in handling it.

This year we also had 'A Wish Upon a Star.' Several other kids were there, and they participated in drawing a picture, and most of them were related to cancer. One kid drew a shoe and finish line, about finishing the race no matter where they are in their stage with cancer, to make sure you finish it. Another girl, eight years old, drew one about a cancer-free party, where they were all celebrating. And during the night they all stood by their picture, and we gave them the microphone where they could all explain their idea, why they did it and what they were thinking. It's a shame they even have to think about those things, at that age, but to see their positive attitudes and how they approach it is always so inspiring. Each of their stories and examples of courage was so touching, and it's great to recognize them for that, to let them know someone is there to help in their fight.

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