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Eighth-year veteran defensive end Raheem Brock blogs this week. In this installment, Brock discusses the importance of Sunday's game, and how he takes advantage of his days off.


Colts DE Raheem Brock Blog-December 11

Everyone seems to want to jump ahead and talk about 16-0 or playing or resting down the stretch, but we have a big game this week, and that's what we're focused on. Our first goal this season was to clinch a playoff spot, and when we won the division we did that. The second one would be to get homefield advantage so we don't have to travel during the playoffs. And that's what's in front of us this week. Denver is coming in here wanting a win, but we have our goals we want to reach, too. We want to get that homefield advantage, to get that extra week off as we prepare for the playoffs and get as healthy as we can. That's our next goal right now, winning this game Sunday to clinch homefield.

During the season, Tuesday usually is our only day off for the week, but after November—and only if we win—Coach Caldwell gives us an extra day on Monday to rest. We call it Victory Monday. Everyone uses their time off differently, but last week I was able to take advantage of the extra day and head back to my hometown of Philadelphia to work with my foundation, Brock’s Kids.

On Monday I went back to Shriners Hospitals for Children, in North Philly right by Temple hospital. That's usually where I go when I visit hospitals because not too many people go to that hospital. They go to the real big hospitals. I went there and talked to the kids and brought them some gifts, just chilled with them for a little bit and played Xbox. I played one guy at a wrestling game, and I got beat bad. He was a big fan, had his wrestling pictures all over his wall. He spoke Spanish, and I've been trying to work on my Spanish, so not only did he teach me how to play the game, but he taught me a little Spanish, too. But I left by telling him I was going to practice and come back, because I don't like losing.

Then on Tuesday, I did a shopping spree with the kids from my elementary school, Lingelbach, in Germantown. A couple of guys from the Temple football team also came up and helped out, along with Kendra G, a popular radio personality in Philadelphia. So it was real big, really nice, and everything went really well. The kids had to write an essay about what the holidays and giving means to them. We picked out about 50 of the best essays and went shopping and had a really good time. We gave them $75 each to get some toys—and of course the girls bought clothes—so they were all excited, especially with how much we give them to spend. I just remember when I was in elementary school, I think one year they had gifts for us, and I was so excited. And these kids got to choose their gifts, so it was crazy. I got that feeling, I got excited for them. You could see it in their faces, they were ready to go get everything. It definitely was a great way to spend a couple of days away.

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