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Fifth-Year Veteran Defensive Back Marlin Jackson fills in for Kelvin Hayden in this week's blog. In this installment, Jackson discusses what the team has accomplished in camp and why Thursday night's game vs.


Colts DB Marlin Jackson Blog-August 19

Well, it's time to break camp. It's been a productive two-and-a-half weeks here, speaking from a defensive standpoint, getting the base defense in, learning the new lingo. It's really, really been an important time for us defensively as a unit to come together and learn the things that Larry Coyer, the defensive coordinator, wants us to do. And not just do them, but do them the right way and understand the concepts of the defense. So I think from that standpoint, it's been great, getting to know everything and getting more familiar with the defensive coordinator. And with some of the guys being injured, having young guys step up and fill roles and do a good job and just develop the depth of the team overall, the kind of depth—young wide receivers stepping up that were drafted, young DBs stepping up that were drafted, a lot of young defensive linemen coming in and playing well—I think overall, it's been good for the team, building that depth.

Although we've gotten good work done, it will be nice to get back home and get back in the routine, your regular flow, in your own house, your own bed, watching your own TV. It will be good to be back.

Getting back on the field has been very, very exciting. All the hard work in the offseason to get back to this point—I still have a ways to go—but to be able to come back to this point so far and to be able to step back out on the field, and not only to be able to step out there, but step out there and play well, means a lot to me. All the hard work you put in, and dedication, to something that you love and that means so much to you, to get back out there and be with your teammates you haven't been with in so long, and you think about all the time when you're rehabbing, it will mean a lot.

I never doubted one time that I would be back, even though doctors told me I wouldn't play for probably six games into the season and that it takes a year to get back, I never doubted it the whole time, not once, that I wouldn't be able to work hard enough. I always thought that sounded too long. Even though I still have a little ways to go, I'm in a good spot. For me, just trusting in God and knowing that if I believed whole-heartedly that it would happen, not just half-heartedly, saying, 'I might be able to make it back,' but just knowing, that made the difference.

Being back out there Thursday, there's nothing like playing at home and being on that field, and you have the music playing and we're all hyped…there's nothing like that, and you definitely miss that, being out there with the fellas. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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