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Yesterday's Make It Personal tour stop at Meijer on Southport Rd. was great for so many different reasons.  First, Liz and Scott came with us


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Yesterday's Make It Personal tour stop at Meijer on Southport Rd. was great for so many different reasons. First, Liz and Scott came with us. Liz and Scott are interns in the Special Events department. They will only come on a few tour stops, so when they do come, you know it's going to be a great tour stop. Second, the weather was fantastic! It wasn't to hot or to cold, and the sun was out the entire time.

Blue also came to the tour stop, and he was mixing it up.  Before the tour stop began, Blue ran into Meijer to pick up a couple of things so we could do some cleanup, but what he came out with were water guns.  At first, no one thought anything of it, but then he started with some target practice (the interns).  After that we knew to watch out.  Blue did get rather tricky at one point.  He hid in his van and shot water out of the sunroof (Sadly I was a target for about twenty minutes).  Everyone knew why they were getting wet, just not how.  No one could figure out where Blue was at.  The entire time Blue is not only watching the reactions of everyone out of his windows, but he is laughing hysterically.  So just in case anybody did get a little hot at the tour stop, Blue was right there to cool them down with a refreshing (cold) shot of water.

The most important reason that the tour stop was so fantastic, is that both my parents (once again the greatest parents ever) came out.  My mom was able to pick up a couple of autographs for the second and third biggest Colts fans in our family, my brother Adam and his son Caleb (I really hope the autographs weren't supposed to be a surprise, if so I think I just blew it…sorry mom).

I hope everyone can make it out to the next tour stop on Wednesday, May 28th in Bedford from 4:00 – 6:00 PM at the Bedford Junior High football field.  Not only will you get to meet some Colts players, you might even get to meet my mom.

And like always, feel free to email me at if you have any questions, comments or fan mail!

Go Colts!!

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