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Colts at Patriots Post-Game Quotes

Tony Dungy, Head Coach This was a big win for us.

[Tony Dungy, Head Coach


This was a big win for us.  Coming in here after going to Denverlast week, it was two very, very tough places for us to play, two good teams.  New Englandmakes you work so hard for everything.  They had a good plan for us, a couple of wrinkles on offense we hadn't seen.  They actually pressured us and blitzed us more than we had anticipated.  But the thing I like about our team is we're finding a lot of different ways to win.  We still aren't playing our best, aren't playing great or exceptionally sharp all the way around, but we're finding ways to win.  Today Adam [Vinatieri] was a little bit off and our defense picked it up with five takeaways.  Getting those key takeaways after he missed that field goal.  I'm proud of our guys.  As I said, we are finding different ways to win.  We didn't necessarily keep our poise.  We did some things a little uncharacteristic tonight but still won and we're 8-0, so I guess that's a good sign.


(On Peyton Manning's play)

They did a lot of things and brought some pressure.  I thought he played well and I guess I'm used to seeing it, but this was a very good game by him against an exceptional defense. 


(On comfort level after winning in New Englandlast year)

I don't think in our play.  It helped all week that we didn't have to answer the questions of 'Are you ever going to win in New England.'  That was nice to get that out of the way last year.  I think it was just a normal week of looking at them and trying to find some little things that we could do.  I don't think last year had too much bearing.


(On importance of getting a big game by the defense after last week)

Not necessarily after lat week, but as I said, we're finding different ways to win. Tonight it was the defense and the takeaways and Marvin [Harrison] having a big game.  Newxt week hopefully it will be someone else.  That's what this team seems to be able to find a way to do.


(On Bob Sanders)

Bob helped us.  He brought some energy and tackling.  He was a bit rusty and missed a couple of hits and plays he normally makes but he did bring some energy and I think that helped us and maybe contributed to us playing with a little more fire and getting those takeaways.


(On Adam Vinatieri's mood this week)

Adam was fine.  He approached it just like he does every game.  He knew it was going to be very emotional for him coming back, but I didn't see anything discernibly different.


(On pressure of being und

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